We all know that Obama may have been the most egotistical president that ever sat in the Oval Office…

You would never have to ask what he thought of himself — he’d just tell you.

No more was this on display than when he was on left-leaning nighttime talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, in a segment called “Mean Tweets.”

In the segment, he read a tweet that was “mean-spirited” toward him — and the tweet came from none other than Donald J. Trump.

The tweet read, “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!”

To which Obama so smugly replied, “Well, @realdonaldtrump, at least I will go down as A president,” and then dropped the phone he was reading from as if it was the mic drop to end all mic drops…

Which the liberal in-studio audience met with raucous applause.

Well, Barry, THAT didn’t age well, did it?

But you’re not hearing anything right now that you didn’t know…

Everybody, even some of Obama’s most staunch supporters, will admit that Obama has a bit of a big head — though — you would have to expect that from the leader of the free world.

However, nobody really knew just how big it is … until now.

Revelations in Black and White

In a newly released biography, some of the former president’s more ego-driven aspects have really come to light…

Especially when it comes to the current president, Donald Trump.

In the memoir, Barack Obama admitted that the results of the 2016 election weren’t what he thought would happen, saying, “this stings.” He even had to watch a movie in order to distract himself.

The biography claims that Obama, once confident that Crooked Hillary would win in a runaway, took it as a “personal insult” that she lost — claiming that Clinton truly screwed up by running a “scripted, soulless campaign.”

But that’s not the worst part…

The worst part is, Obama took the loss as a personal affront committed BY the American people, saying “this hurts,” and that the American people had “turned on” him.

Apparently, Obama was both shocked and appalled that he’d be handing over control of the country to Trump, a man he dismissed as nothing more than a “cartoon.”

Well, Barry…

Maybe the American people didn’t “turn on” you — maybe they just woke up to the fact that in eight years at the helm of the most powerful country in the world — you accomplished almost nothing and left the country in shambles.

Or maybe people were just tired of you making our nation look weak by kowtowing to despots and bowing to royalty.

That’s not the image America wants portrayed.

We Didn’t Turn on You, You Turned on US!

They want a strong, confident president who they can stand behind…

Not somebody who bows so deep, he can see his reflection in the emperor of China’s shoes.

Adding just a little more proof of Obama’s overinflated self-image — was how Obama saw himself after having to pass the presidential torch to Trump…

It was said that Obama felt like Michael Corleone in The Godfather, having to pass his power down to somebody he felt would destroy his legacy.


It should come as NO surprise that Obama would compare himself to one of the most famous mobster characters of all time…

They have a lot in common.

Both masqueraded as respectable pillars of their respective communities — while doing a lot of underhanded things behind closed doors.

It’s fitting…

Though, if Barr decides to investigate Spygate, the FBI’s illegal surveillance on Donald Trump, and Obama’s role in it — then he may want to compare himself to John Gotti — the “Teflon Don.”

Charges rarely stuck to him…

And Obama may need a little of that old mobster magic to get out of this one alive.


“Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.” — Michael Corleone