Liberals think that our money belongs to them. They believe that they are entitled to our hard-earned cash, and they’re convinced that they would spend it the right way if only we’d give it over to them.

Dems want to redistribute tax dollars and spend that money on people who haven’t earned it. In their minds, capitalism is the root of all evil and must be tamed or ended outright.

They never stop to think about who exactly pays for their big-government boondoggles. It is those evil rich people, the wicked one-percent that they hate so much. The top one percent pays 40% of the income taxes in this country and the top 20 percent of income earners pay 87% of income taxes.

How can liberals claim with a straight face that the rich don’t pay their fair share? If anyone is being hosed, it’s the wealthy. A favorite liberal talking point is to say that Trump’s tax cuts gave one trillion dollars to the rich, that it was a giveaway to the wealthy.

That talking point has one major flaw: the government didn’t give the wealthy money, they simply let them keep their own income. How benevolent of the federal government.

The best argument for tax cuts isn’t that it will grow the economy and increase revenue to the federal government—which it does. The best argument is that we the people get to keep our own money.

The Left wants to punish success, not encourage it. “The American Dream” is a dirty term to them, and that is sad. Republicans and Democrats used to both believe in and embrace personal success. Democratic presidents from JFK to Bill Clinton used to celebrate American capitalism, but those days are long over.

The likely Democrat nominee for president is an avowed socialist. Democratic Presidents John Kennedy and Harry Truman sought to end socialism/communism’s march across the globe. JFK stared down nuclear weapons being directed at the country from communist Cuba and our country lived to tell about it.

Now the leading Democrat presidential candidate praises Fidel Castro and pays tribute to the former dictator’s literacy and healthcare programs. This should concern every American, including middle-of-the-road Democrats.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are still some left, and they are terrified of the thought of President Sanders (that should send shivers down every Americans’ spine). I know several in my own life who share this same fear that we conservatives have.

The problem is there are too many so-called moderate Democrats left in the race. In order to stop Bernie, the rest of them need to drop out of the race and coalesce around the strongest one in the group. Granted, a “moderate” in the Democrat party today is Left of where even Barack Obama was in 2008.

At least they aren’t outright communist sympathizers. It’s far and away the lesser of two evils.

Democrats need to return to the party that used to stand up to socialism, not embrace it. If they don’t either two things happen: 1) They destroy the party or 2) They destroy the country.

So, Democrats, what’s it going to be? The choice is yours.