The Democrats have proposed legislation to make Election Day a national holiday. Their goal is to increase civic participation in the democratic process.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Who could argue with that?

Not so fast…

This is the Democrats we are talking about. Upon further review, it appears that this legislation will benefit the Democrats at the polls.

Wow — shocker!

The bill has been named “The For the People Act.” The bill would make Election Day a federal holiday and allow federal workers to take up to six days each year to serve as a poll worker and receive training to perform that job.

Sounds nice. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn’t buying it. He called out the Democrats “power grab” on the floor of the Senate:

Democrats also want taxpayers on the hook for generous new benefits for federal bureaucrats and government employees… Their bill would make Election Day a new paid holiday for government workers and create an additional brand- new paid leave benefit for up to six days for any federal bureaucrat who decides they’d like to hang out at the polls during an election. Just what America needs, another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers being paid to go out and work.

The Democrats must think we are all suckers.

They claim to want to increase democratic participation. How convenient of them to allow federal workers to have the day off to vote and get paid time-off. It just so happens that the great majority of federal workers support Democrats. The extra paid leave would allow them to work on campaigns for Democratic candidates and show up at the polls to vote for them.

The bill also calls for same day voter registration and more provisional ballots. Both measures that traditionally have favored Democrats at the polls.

Even if their intentions were benevolent — their claims are erroneous.

Voter turnout varies by elections. Voter turnout dropped from 1992 to 1996 (58.1% vs. 51.7%), then rose through 2008, and declined in 2012 (61.6% vs. 58.2%). Voter turnout increased to 60 % in 2016.

The Democrats claim that low-income workers are not able to vote because they don’t have time. However, polls show that high-income voters (those making $150,000 or more) are more likely to claim they don’t have time to vote than low-income workers.

Countries around the world hold elections on weekends to allow workers to vote. However, their voter turnout is even less than the U.S. elections (Poland and Switzerland).

However, the “lame-stream” media don’t care about facts. They are already drubbing McConnell with headlines such as: “Mitch McConnell, Enemy of the Vote,” “On Voting, Republicans Take a

Holiday From Their Senses” and “Mitch McConnell Admits Republicans Lose When More People Vote.”

The Democrats are always accusing the Republicans of trying to suppress the vote. They become outraged at any talk of voter i.d. laws. They claim that these laws are intended to make it difficult for minorities to vote, and that these laws are akin to the poll taxes imposed on African Americans during the era of “Jim Crow.”

Republicans should take this as a sign that they are on the right-side of the issue — because when democrats accuse a conservative as being racist, sexiest or homophobic — you know the conservative has won the debate.

The Democrats are such hypocrites!

They accuse the Republicans of trying to manipulate the vote in their favor, when in fact, they are the party writing laws that favor themselves in elections.

Mitch McConnell is right — this is a Democratic “power grab.”

Let’s hope Republicans aren’t suckered into voting for this “Trojan Horse” of a bill.