Last night, the Democrat clown show returned to televisions around the country as the fifth Democratic presidential debate took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Objectively speaking, it was a dud…just like all the other ones.

There were few game-changing moments for any of the candidates and the debate will likely not change the dynamics of the race.

Right out of the gate, the candidates took shots at President Trump over the impeachment hearings.

Senator Kamala Harris referred to Trump as the “criminal in the White House,” a sentiment shared by the other candidates on the stage.

Senator Elizabeth Warren used the testimony of Gordon Sondland to attack the wealthy and their influence in politics.

She pointed to the fact that Ambassador Sondland contributed a million dollars to the campaign of Donald Trump and was rewarded for his contribution by receiving the job as United States Ambassador to the European Union.

Warren parlayed the point into an attack on the rich.

Of course she did. She can’t help herself when it comes to rich people.

Throughout the night, there were a few confrontations between the candidates, but nothing earth-shattering.

Senator Cory Booker disagreed with Elizabeth Warren on her proposed wealth tax.

Booker retorted that the Democrats need to talk more about growing wealth and opportunity and not just increasing tax revenue.

That was actually a very conservative message compared to what we are used to hearing from the Democrats. He highlighted the need to grow the economy in hard-hit areas, including rural areas, which was obviously a statement meant to appeal to voters in Iowa, where the first caucuses will be held in February.

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a typical Biden night. He had a couple of strong exchanges but also multiple gaffes.

He said that “Trump doesn’t want me to be president” because he said that Trump held up the aid to Ukraine as a way to damage Biden politically.

He also took a shot at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for their support of Medicare for All plan. Biden said the plan would never pass Congress and that patients should be able to choose the plan they want.

Biden then made headshaking comment when he said that “I come out of the black community.”

Um, what?

Biden is about as white as it gets.

Then he made things worse.

He was bragging about receiving the support of the only black woman elected to the Senate.

Except that isn’t true. It just so happens that Kamala Harris is a black woman who was elected to the Senate, and she was standing right next to him…and most definitely did NOT endorse him.


Despite his gaffes and inability to remember basic details, Biden still leads in most national polls. It seems that his sub-par debate performances haven’t damaged his position as the frontrunner of the Democratic field.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has jumped to the top of the polls in New Hampshire and is polling well in Iowa as well.

He was expected to take more shots from the other candidates. He did receive a few from Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard, and a few of the candidates took swipes at him over his lack of experience.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders attacked the rich.

What a surprise.

Neither one of them did much to move the needle in their direction.

The Democrats all expressed radical positions on abortion. Senator Bernie Sanders equated abortion with human rights and economic rights.

But apparently, the unborn child doesn’t have human rights. The Democrats won’t to codify Roe V. Wade into law.

My takeaway from the debate is that Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker had the strongest performances.

Both were presenting themselves as the moderate challengers to Warren and Sanders. Of course, being a moderate in the modern Democrat party still means that they are still far to the Left by conservative standards.

Both appeared relaxed and had some good one-liners. They might see some bumps in the polls in Iowa.

However, that is if anybody was actually watching the debate. It is likely that many politically-inclined viewers were fatigued after a long day of impeachment hearings.

The performance of the candidates on stage lends credence to the view that the Democrats are impeaching President Trump because they know they have a weak field.

It was evident that they are desperate.