On the short ride to drop my middle school children off at school this morning, we heard an interesting study on the radio.
It turns out the average age in which a kid…err, adult…leaves home is 28 years old.
My 14-year-old son—forced to endure a lifetime of ranting and raving from a madman like me—gave the conservative knee jerk reaction “get a job!”
Not so fast, Ryan.
I only had about four minutes, so I had to ‘splain fast.
“Kids,” I said, “they’re lying to you.”
When I was in college and had to choose a major, I scrolled through what the University said I’d be earning once I made my escape.
I assume most people at least look to see what kinds of salaries their degree might get them in the marketplace after graduation.
I chose finance because according to the chart, I’d be making about 73 G-birds a year.
I hated finance…I hated math…but a liberal arts degree only returned 38k.

Making The Decision That Suited MY Needs

Now, I was fortunate. Between a small academic scholarship and the sacrifice of loving parents, my tuition was covered. (Insert “white privilege” remarks below – I would love to debate)
I had to pay for everything else, but I never had to take on a student loan (hey, you up there – thanks, Pop!)
But most students do.
And if you think you’re going to make 70k or even 35k a year walking out – it’s not that a tough pill to swallow.
(The thinking goes like this: if I make 50k a year and have only 30k in student loans, I’ll have it paid off in 2 or 3 years – I can live with that).
The truth is no matter what degree you get, you’re starting at the bottom. You’ll be lucky if you see 25k – and rightfully so.
All the while, your college professors—who are always eschewing the greed of big business, corporate fat-cats, Wall Street, and the like—demand ever-increasing salaries for ever-diminishing (and totally corrupted) work.

The REAL Money Being Made From College Degrees

Somehow, when THEY want more money, it’s not greedy. It’s righteous. Righteous in the same way Al Gore & Co. fly private jets to climate change conferences.
The more they get paid, the bigger that loan gets.
You’re not making crap – and for the first few years think you’re worth what that flyer said.  And that those professors were right.
You’re being screwed by the rich.
You can’t afford an apartment because your student loan debt eats up your entire paycheck (if you even have one…)
And it turns out it takes until the age of 28 to begin unwinding those years of Marxist brainwashing.
Now I’m as big a personal responsibility fan as the next guy, but these kids are being kept in debt—and being spoon-fed horseshit to keep them there in perpetuity.
It’s sinister and purposeful.
Well, at least that’s how I feel about it.