In 2016, the British people were asked to vote on whether the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. They voted to do so: 52% of the people decided they wanted their sovereignty back.

The decision to pull out of the EU has been dubbed, “Brexit.”

Three year later, Britain is still a member of the European Union.

The elitists in Europe and Britain were outraged. They have done everything they can over the past two years to make life difficult for the supporters of Brexit.

The British Parliament is stumbling all over themselves to make a decision on how to withdraw from the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May was elected to her position because she supported Brexit and was trusted by her party to see the exit through.

Thus far, she has failed — miserably.

May has negotiated three deals with the European Union to secure a smooth and orderly transition with the European Economic block. All three deals were rejected by the British Parliament.

May called a quick election last year to try and increase her Conservative majority in the government; the decision backfired. The Conservative Party lost more seats than they gained in the snap election which furthered the troubles of the Prime Minister.

It has gotten so bad for May that she has had to offer to resign in order to get a deal.

May told a group of conservative lawmakers that: “I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our party and country.”

A conservative lawmaker who attended the meeting recalled her saying, “she would not remain in the post for the next phase of negotiations, the implication being that once the withdrawal agreement has passed, she would make way for someone else.”

Eurocentric elitists have warned of economic doomsday if there is a “Hard Brexit” (a deal that separates all economic ties between the EU and Britain).

However, the doomsday crowd overlooks the possibility of Britain being able to make separate trade deals on their own with other countries, including the United States.

President Trump welcomes the possibility of such a trade deal between the two countries. He tweeted: “My Administration looks forward to negotiating a large scale Trade Deal with the United Kingdom. The potential is unlimited!”

Trump has been a big fan of Brexit going back to the 2016 campaign.

He often cited the Brexit referendum in his prediction that he would surprise the pollsters with a victory at the polls. Many so-called experts predicted both would lose at the ballot box.

Trump endorsed the idea of Brexit in 2016 by saying: “I have a lot of investments there. I would say that they’re better off without it.”

The outspoken leader of the Brexit cause, Nigel Farage, made the case for leaving the EU when he said:

“I believe we’re big enough and good enough to govern our own country. If we remain, we’ll get swept up into a United States of Europe.”

That really is the point of Brexit. There are similarities between Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump.

Voters in both countries rejected the establishment forces who lectured to them about how they should behave, and what they should believe.

National sovereignty was a key issue, too. Britain wanted to have a say in how they were governed. They wanted to be governed by the British Parliament, not the European Parliament.

In the U.S., President Barack Obama made deals with foreign nations that ceded American sovereignty. He made a decision to bind the United States to international rules with regards to carbon emissions — known as the Paris Climate Agreement.

He also tried to sign the U.S. onto an agreement that would give up American rights to its territorial waters.

Trump voters also rejected Obama’s constant pandering to European nations and his apologies to foreign nations for American actions.

The leaders in Britain and Europe are feckless. They have no spine. The will of the people is being ignored. The European elites think they know what is best for the citizens of the United Kingdom.

It is time for them to come down from their ivory towers and listen to their citizens.