2020 has just arrived. It’s a new year, which means it’s a new start—and the countdown to the next presidential election has officially started…

But don’t expect anything new to come from Liberals and Leftists.

Just HOURS after President Trump was inaugurated, the Leftist-run mainstream media and corrupt politicians started promoting the campaign for his impeachment…

An impeachment based solely on the false narrative of the “Russia collusion” hoax (which even Former FBI Director James Comey said found NO evidence of election interference or political bias).

Yet, for the past four years, we have heard the word “impeachment” relentlessly used over and over—along with “Russia” & “Collusion”…

Now, those words carry no weight or any level of importance at all to the average American. We watched President Trump’s approval rating SOAR throughout the process—something that’s causing the Democrats in DC to PANIC!

Panic In The Swamp

Why is that the case, though?

What is causing all the Deep State Democrats to be worried or in some cases even terrified?

It’s because this is their final move.

After the house passed the first two articles of impeachment, the Democrats cheered for half a second…

Only to realize that this still has to get passed through the Senate, which is controlled by the Republican party—and they seem to have eyes and ears, which the Democrats don’t seem to possess. Senate Republicans can see and hear that there is no evidence, no witnesses, and no victim to prove the crimes they’re accusing our president of committing.

This and the fact that the vast majority of Americans are loyal to Trump has put an end to this fake impeachment before it’s even started.

So, what do you do after you use the mainstream media, BILLIONS of dollars, Hollywood, Politicians, social media censorship, and even impeachment against the person you hate most… and he is still standing?

What else do you have?

An assassination attempt.

Now, that might sound crazy…

But it might be the thing we should be the most worried about.

A History Of Death

The history of the Democratic party is filled with murder, genocide, and even eugenics…not that you didn’t already know that.

Do you think they’d flinch at taking out their greatest enemy?

Now, let me also say that Republicans are not squeaky clean and have done plenty of corrupt stuff as well…

I mean, power corrupts, right?

However, when it comes to a level of consistency on scandals, the Democrats take first place. So, why would they rule out the possibility of killing the President?

After all, they are a party without a moral compass. Not even one based on Christian values…

It seems they lack anything resembling a conscience.

The same party that fully passed gay marriage laws without allowing Americans to vote (based solely on the fact that the black community voted against gays, two demographics the Democratic party owns).

The same party that is fine with late-term abortions, advertises Drag Queen library time, sets schools on fire when a conservative speaker shows up, uses violence to harm people they disagree with, supports ANTIFA beating up journalists, and turns a blind eye to attempted murder.

The question isn’t IF they will try to assassinate our president… but WHEN.

Think I’m crazy? Just take a look at this.

Celebrities Helping With An Assassination?

After President Trump’s drone strike in Iraq that eliminated Iranian general and mass-murderer Quasam Soleimani last week, tensions are rising in the region. According to unconfirmed reports, the Iranian government has placed an $80 million bounty on President Trump’s head. Although it hasn’t been definitively proven yet, that’s a very serious threat.

Now, you’d expect Americans to rally behind the president in this situation, right? But you’d be wrong.

People in very high places seem to be rallying behind the Iranians rather than their own country.

Take comedian/actor George Lopez, for example. In response to the bounty being announced, he posted: “We’ll do it for half.”

Now, he might just be one isolated example, but the Leftists in Hollywood and other areas of culture seem to be embracing Iran’s plan.

In 2017, actor Johnny Depp asked about the last time that an actor assassinated a president. That same year, Madonna publicly announced that she had dreamed of blowing up the White house.

So will liberals be pulling the trigger themselves? Probably not.

But they definitely aren’t doing anything to stop it, and that should be just as concerning.

Whether they simply facilitate someone else doing the deed or make it happen themselves, the end result is the same: elimination of their biggest political rival.

Fold Your Cards Or Go All In?

            My personal opinion on why the idea hasn’t been put into action is that, if they do, they will shatter their entire image for the next 100 years.

Think about it…

Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama, the economy is doing great, and more – but the main reason is because 41% of Republicans have admitted to owning firearms…compared to only 16% of Democrats.

If Trump were to be killed—or even an attempt was made and failed—all hell would break loose…

Especially since the Democrats have caused the skyrocketing sale of firearms.

In 2019, before dropping out of the Presidential race, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke stated at the Democratic debates that “Hell yes, we are going to take away your AR-15!”

A statement which led to 28.3 MILLION firearms to be purchased in last year alone!

That means over 5.3 million Republicans, a proverbial sleeping giant, are armed and ready to fight back against any threat—foreign or domestic—that comes against our country.

Something I and EVERYBODY else should be praying to God NEVER happens.

Although I do not agree with everything the President does in his administration, the witch hunt targeting this man is obviously nothing more than complete and utter bulls**t.

If the man was as guilty as the Left says he is… why has it taken over THREE years to get this far? Bill Clinton was impeached ONE year after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky, after all.

It’s because Leftists don’t care about what’s right or wrong, legal or illegal…

They only care about getting Trump out of the White House.

That’s fine…

We only care about keeping him IN—because our eyes are OPEN to everything good that he’s doing for our country.

We’re at odds…

Who’s going to win? Odds are…

We will. But nothing is for sure.

The only thing I know for sure is that I will continue to work to spread the word about that good our president is doing…

And hope that my fellow conservatives are doing the same.

The Dems defeat is the TRUTH of reality…

And more and more eyes are opened to this every day.