Though the tradition has been picked up by many other countries due to its popularity here in the US, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday.

We all know the history of the day…

It was a feast to celebrate the good harvest of the early settlers who wouldn’t have been able to survive were it not for the local tribes of Native peoples who helped them along the way.

This gesture of brotherhood is commemorated every November as people all over the country give thanks for all of the blessings of their lives and enjoy time with family.

It’s also the official start of the Holiday Season, and once Thanksgiving rolls around, things start getting a little more festive. Christmas shopping starts on Black Friday, and then holiday decorating and the Christmas/New Year celebrations begin soon after.

However, this year, there may be a less thankfulness going around, as both COVID and inflation are going to take their toll on this usually gleeful time of year.

In fact, economists are saying that this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations are going to be the most expensive of all time.

Now, there are many factors for this jump in price. However, the biggest factor comes down to one thing: the economic policies of President Joe Biden.

Higher Prices On EVERYTHING! Thanks, Joe…

To clarify, this isn’t a Conservative-leaning editorial that just bashes Sleepy Joe because he’s a Democrat.

There is actual data proving beyond a doubt that Americans will be paying more for EVERYTHING, and the numbers tie it directly to Joe’s economic plans and policies.

Calvin Moore, the communications director of the Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC, recently told new outlets that Biden’s policies have created a situation in which “working families can’t even afford to celebrate the holidays this year.”

Moore said, “Family budgets are being pushed to the brink, and voters will quit House Democrats cold turkey because of it.”

And he may not be wrong here, as many people who voted for Biden have already expressed their “buyer’s remorse” over putting this man in office. A bleak holiday season that strains people’s wallets will push that number even higher.

The New York Times noted the increase in price on MANY of the grocery items that were once affordable just 10 months ago—you know, back when Trump was still in the White House.

The biggest reason that price of celebrating Thanksgiving will be going up is the same reason why everything else is so expensive: supply chain and transportation issues.

Shipping delays, which stem from a labor shortage and are exacerbated by union infighting, have been made WORSE by Biden’s COVID unemployment policies that kept workers at home and not looking for jobs.

That same Times article reported that shipping delays from Asia to the United States were estimated to be up to 73 days in September.

That’s two and half months, which is a LONG time for holiday seasons delays.

How Much Will Your Turkey Will Cost This Year?

But it gets worse…

According to supply chain technology company Freightos, the cost to send a shipping container from Asia to the US this time last year was around $3,800.

The price this month? A whopping $17,000!! That’s almost FIVE times the cost!!

Biden’s supply chain crisis has increased the price of food by 4.6% since 2020 overall, while the prices for meat, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 10.5%. That’s why your turkey dinner will cost more this year.

Executive chef Matthew McClure told the Times the price has increased in just the last month by a whopping 20%, saying, “By the end of the year, market analysts say, prices per pound will likely surpass the record Department of Agriculture benchmark price for turkeys — $1.36, set in 2015.”

The price of turkey has reportedly increased because of the cost of corn, which the Times says is fed to most turkeys to fatten them up in time for slaughter.

The price increase has more than DOUBLED since 2020 with whole birds “between 8 and 16 pounds” already costing “25 cents a pound more than they did a year ago.”

Do you see how it’s all connected?

Do you see why people are ready to run Biden out on a rail?

When your family is counting pennies to buy a turkey dinner this year, just remember who’s to blame…and then remind those around your table that voted for him that this is what they asked for.

While we’re still blessed here in America, but those blessings might be stretched a little further this year…and it’s all thanks to the decisions of one man.

This isn’t democracy… it’s tyranny.


“Every day is a day to be thankful. Life’s abundance has no limit, and gratitude is what keeps that abundance flowing. In every circumstance, there is something for which to be thankful. Even when there seems to be nothing else, there is hope.” – Ralph Marston