It’s hard, when writing about the full-on American-ness of Texas, not to write, “God bless Texas” — so we’re not going to fight it…


Or, to be more accurate, God bless Greg Abbott!

The governor started June in the most American way possible — he signed a bill that will protect free speech on college campuses.

This may sound like something ridiculous — but in today’s politically charged atmosphere — it’s become absolutely necessary…

Misguided college kids have been doing their best to get speeches shut down by conservatives — because apparently — anything that isn’t in line with liberal groupthink is “alt right” or “hate speech.”

Things have gotten bad on some of our most prominent universities’ campuses — especially on the grounds of the University of California, Berkley — where protests have broken down into riots on more than one occasion.

Which is weird…

Especially when you consider that college is where you’re supposed to experience different ideas and attitudes from what you’re accustomed too.

Free Speech SHOULD Be Protected

Colleges should be FIGHTING for free speech on their campuses — not allowing liberal groupthink to shut down one of the things that makes our country the greatest in the world…

But they often do, which is why Texas just ensured that it CAN’T happen without legal repercussions in the Lone Star State.

However, that’s not the only AWESOME part of the bill signed by Greg Abbott…

As another aspect of the bill will ban red light cameras.

Red light cameras are one of many things that goes against American values…

First of all, it goes against the American justice system. It’s an unconstitutional violation to citizens, as the cameras accuse them of a crime without the right to confront their accuser. They’re guilty — and have no way to prove if the camera had faulty timing or was malfunctioning altogether.

As if that’s not enough, they’re also an invasion of privacy. The government should not be allowed to take pictures of what’s going on inside of your car, as that is YOUR property and they shouldn’t be allowed to take photographs without permission or warrant.

And lastly, they don’t deter running red lights … at all. Some studies show that they don’t deter accidents at all, and in fact, may INCREASE the number of accidents in a given intersection.

They simply cost the driver money — after the fact. That’s not how you curb a behavior if that’s your goal.

Obviously — THAT wasn’t their goal — it’s simply a cash grab. Plain and simple.

And now, in Texas, they’re outlawed.

The Most American Law EVER!

Now, you would think that with protecting free speech and Americans’ privacy — there’d be no way to top the bill — but you’d be wrong…

What REALLY kicked this bill into one of the most AMERICAN bills signed into law in a long time was the fact that NOW in Texas, people will be able to order beer from a retailer and have it delivered to their house.


Texas just made home beer delivery legal — which is weird — because you never would have thought it WAS in that state.

Regardless, if you want a six-pack or a bottle of wine and don’t want to go get it — or are too inebriated to — you can just have it delivered!

That’s how you AMERICA!!

Free speech, no red light cameras and beer delivery…

Does it get any better than that?

Good on you, Greg … you’re doing a fine job in the Lone Star State.


“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.’” — George W. Bush