Ok…we get it. In today’s politically charged, hyper-divisive climate, sometimes it feels like the only way to fend off an attack is to hit back just as hard from the other direction. You have to keep a level playing field, and nowadays that means fighting dirty.

However, there comes a point when the need for retaliation overwhelms and outpaces logic, and the comeback crosses the line…

And right now, the state of Texas is very close to crossing that line.

One of the biggest debates in our culture right is raging over state education pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT), a social theory claiming that the laws and makeup of American society are biased against Black Americans, setting them up for failure while empowering White Americans and setting them up to succeed.

CRT automatically creates a victim/oppressor relationship between the two races, which is part of why it’s receiving pushback all over the country from both Black and White parents. Parents of all races agree that they don’t want their children being taught that they are inherently “victims” or inherently “evil” simply because of the color of their skin.

While there are some select aspects of this curriculum that are worth further examination, these are all advanced concepts that should wait until students mature and move on to secondary education in colleges and universities.

This hasn’t stopped the Left from pushing it as “critical” for kids to learn as early as preschool, and it hasn’t stopped the Right from pointing out the flaws in this way of thinking.

Thus the massive debate over the merits/evils of a CRT curriculum.

When Retaliation Takes Precedence Over Logic

But some states are pushing back so hard against CRT that they’re running the risk of REGRESSING. In these instances, they want to get rid of teaching about racial issues, historical oppression, and civil rights icons entirely…

And Texas, unfortunately, is leading the way.

The Senate of the Lone Star State is now one step closer to taking the required lesson on the Civil Rights Movement in the US out of history classes. A recent vote means that they could drop the requirements very soon…a detriment to all students in the state.

Yes, this is real.

Texas Senate Bill 3 would allow teachers to drop lessons about the history of Native Americans, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chaves, and other important figures from their curriculum.

And to this, I say “Bull****.”

This is an idiotic move by the Texas GOP… completely idiotic. By dropping these requirements, Texas is glossing over the important lessons that these historical figures have to teach.

These are historical figures that many on BOTH sides of the aisle consider heroes.

This is a knee-jerk reaction to the push of CRT by the Left, and it doesn’t help our kids—it hurts them. To follow through with this way of thinking, embracing a “tit-for-tat” mentality, is unproductive and regressive.

Texas… Please Kill This Racist And Misogynistic Bill

Every American student should learn about the trials and tribulations of major civil rights leaders because the true lesson it teaches them is that Americans DO have power over the federal government.

A movement can create actions that are needed to implement necessary changes to our world.

Can you imagine where we’d be as a country without people like Gandhi, MLK, Malcolm X, Harvey Milk, and others?

Some may think it would be a better place, but a more homogenous American is NEVER a good thing.

Civil Rights history is intertwined with American history.

What do you think the Boston Tea Party was?

Americans have been fighting for civil rights since the dawn of our country, and to take these important lessons and figures out of the school system does a GREAT disservice to our children.

If this bill passes in Texas, it’s a BAD look for the GOP.

It simply makes them out to be the racist, misogynistic, uncaring bigots that the Left has been accusing us of being—and that’s not good.

We are a nation of constant change, and right now we’re going through some growing pains, but removing important lessons from our schools’ curriculum is not the answer.

Just like removing funding to our police is not the answer.

Come on, Texas. We’re supposed to be better than this.

Don’t let your anger cloud your judgment. Don’t make mistakes based on emotions. That’s for the Left.

Remember who you are…