Man, I love Florida.

I’ve written many articles and even made a few videos proclaiming my love for the Sunshine State and its incredible governor, Ron DeSantis. However, if there’s one state in the union that has enough overwhelming commitment to America and the protection of the freedoms God has given us to make me jealous, it would be the Great State of Texas.

Now, while I don’t ever see myself leaving Florida, Texas seems to have a lot of the amenities that I would look for in a new home state: wide-open spaces, a rich American history, and more personal freedoms than you can shake a stick at.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has been running neck-and-neck with Ron DeSantis in the race to see who can be the most effective governor during the worst pandemic our country has seen in over a century.

The way Texas has embraced conservative ideals of liberty and personal responsibility has made it one of the ONLY other states in which I’d ever consider hanging my hat.

However, just when I thought I couldn’t gain any more respect for the leadership of the state, they went and passed a bill that is as important as it is patriotic—and the fact that it will piss of Liberals and make them want to pull their hair out is just icing on the cake.

What’d they do?

Making Sure Sports Stay Patriotic

Well, before we get into that, there’s a little backstory you need to know about sporting events and a certain billionaire’s decision to turn his nose up at patriotism.

Earlier this year, Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, announced that his team would stop playing the National Anthem before home games, jumping on the “America was NEVER great” bandwagon. He feels playing the National Anthem would be too “divisive” of an action to take, and for the sake of his players, he did away with the tradition.

Well, in reaction to the move, Texas Republicans passed a bill called the “Star-Spangled Banner Act,” requiring the National Anthem be played before EVERY professional sports game in Texas—and failure to comply results in a loss of funding and a terminated business relationship with the state.

The anthem snub by Cuban’s Mavericks’ lasted for 13 home games, and according to Tim Cato, the reporter from The Atlantic who first reported on the anthem-less games, said that this was “the first instance we know of a pro sports team striking the U.S. anthem from the pre-game.”

So, Cuban made history in his unpatriotic actions…

And this law will change that.

To be honest, I’m torn here.

I don’t like the fact that this practice is being “forced” on anybody. That sort of goes against my Conservative ideals, regardless of whether it’s an individual or conglomerate, and I feel like there may be some overreach here.

Let The Liberal Whining BEGIN!

But on the other hand…

I can’t stand how Liberals have vilified our nation. Making them show respect for the country that has given them an amazing opportunity makes it a wash.

But…I’m still torn.

The legislation passed last week and is headed to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature.

If he signs it—and all signs point to the fact that he will—this is going to drive Liberals nuts.

They’re going to yell and scream at the top of their lungs about how it violates the Constitution and how nobody should be forced to play the anthem.

Though, it’s NOT unconstitutional, as the penalty has nothing to do with fines or jail time. Teams simply lose funding and support.

That’s the best part of this…

Watching Liberals cry about being forced to show respect to the country that gave them the freedom to take a knee during the anthem.

They’re going to argue about having to be patriotic for two minutes, proving what we’ve known for years now: they hate America.

God bless Texas…


“When I make a vow to God, then I would suggest to you that’s even stronger than a handshake in Texas.” – Rick Perry