Coronavirus cases in the Lone Star State have dropped by 40 percent over the past two weeks after the governor reopened the state at 100 percent capacity.

Coincidence? Unlikely.

New research from John Hopkins University indicates reported coronavirus cases in Texas have fallen by 3,078 per day, which is about a 39.7 percent decrease as of March 16, AP reported.

Oddly enough, 14 days prior to March 16 was March 2, the day Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order to “lift the mask mandate and open Texas to 100 percent,” as he announced on Twitter.

While it seems logical to conclude there is an obvious correlation between case counts drastically falling and the government ending all COVID restrictions throughout the state, some attribute the February winter storm.

As cases dramatically fell and lockdowns were lifted, testing also took a massive dip in Texas, according to the Texas Tribune.

The outlet says during the February winter storm that left millions isolated, testing rates dropped below 50,000 for the first time since last Fall.

When there is less testing, fewer positive cases can be reported.

However, once testing levels rebounded after the storm in March, positive tests still remained significantly lower than pre-reopening numbers.

The Texas Tribune said by the week of March 11, the state’s positivity rate for the seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases “has dipped below 10% for the first time since October.”

So even when testing rebounded, positivity rates still plummeted following the state’s full reopening.

Perhaps lockdowns and face mask mandates didn’t work after all, despite what our “medical experts” told us.

This research should serve as a shining example to all other states who have not yet completely lifted coronavirus restrictions. Because not only did this effect happen in Texas, but cases have also significantly dropped in the state of Florida, which is 100% reopened.

Since the “combat covid” tactics pushed by people like Dr. Fauci did not work, maybe it’s time to try reopening America completely and see how that works across the country. Not only is it the constitutional thing to do, but, at this point, we have nothing left to lose.