Nothing says “illegal immigrants first” like the Biden Administration’s determination to transport undocumented immigrants across the United States, regardless of identity or health status.

The Biden Administration sued Texas on Friday to block Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order that essentially banned the transportation of illegal immigrants because of the risk that they could be spreading COVID-19 throughout the state.

“The order is both dangerous and unlawful,” Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote in a letter warning Abbott, according to the Associated Press.

Garland added that the state of Texas has “no authority to interfere” with the federal government’s handling of illegal immigrants at the border.

Abbott’s order stated that “the admittance and movement of migrants under the Biden administration” has exposed Texan residents heightened risk of contracting the coronavirus “creating a public health disaster” in Texas, the New York Post reported.

With the exception of “federal, state, or local law-enforcement” officials, the governor’s order prohibits nonprofits or other entities from transporting undocumented migrants. The order directs the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to stop “any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” and tell them to “reroute” back to the point of origin or port of entry.

Vehicles that do not comply could be impounded by Texas DPS.

It is absurd that the Biden Administration will essentially allow anyone across our southern border, regardless of whether they have the coronavirus or not, while at the same time considering forcing U.S. citizens to get the COVID vaccine or else face more lockdowns and restrictions.

Not to mention, the Biden White House is putting Americans at higher risk of contracting COVID, but also other diseases and illnesses immigrants might be bringing from their home countries.

American citizens should not be forced to suffer the consequences of problems created by the Biden Administration and its progressive “open border” policies.

Thankfully, Abbott is throwing a wrench into the federal government’s plans and taking them head on.

Here’s to hoping it works.