Growing backlash against Texas Senator Ted Cruz has forced him home to respond to allegations of epic wrongdoing by leaving his state in its time of need.

Over the past few days, Texas has experienced unprecedentedly cold temperatures and snow that have caused widespread power outages, leaving millions of Texans without power and water for days.

Some residents have even died from carbon monoxide poisoning after trying to use heat generated by cars to warm up their families.

Despite the ongoing deadly winter storm that’s nearly equivalent to a natural disaster, Ted Cruz, former presidential candidate and well-known Texas Senator, was spotted boarding a plane to Cancun.

Naturally, Americans began wondering what would possess Cruz to take his family on a tropical vacation to Mexico while his state suffers. Was this a pre-planned vacation? Did they decide to escape the snow last-minute?

All these were questions that needed answers as many Texans are receiving “Boil Water Notice” alerts on their phones, struggling without water supply, and dealing with sub-zero temperatures with no heat.

As backlash grew against the senator, Cruz quickly returned home to address Americans’ concerns about his whereabouts.

During a short press conference, he said that in hindsight the decision to go to Mexico was “obviously a mistake” that he “wouldn’t have done” again.

The Texas senator said he was just “trying to be a dad” by taking his family to warmer temperatures since his two daughters “have been cold for two days and haven’t had heat or power,” adding that he thinks “There are a lot of parents that would be like ‘Alright if I can do this, great!’. And that’s what I wanted to do,” Cruz said.

In his statement, Cruz shows regret for his severe lapse of judgment in his role as an elected official in the state of Texas.

It’s understandable that he wanted to do something nice for his family since he has the resources to do so, and I agree with Cruz that it is something a lot of parents would do in his situation if they could.

But the difference is that, in his position as an elected official who represents the people of Texas, it’s unacceptable to simply leave the state behind during hard times.

Meanwhile, other state representatives, like Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, were busy working with nonprofits to distribute food to Texans in need during the winter storm rather than simply fleeing to Cancun because they could.

Although his decision was completely tone-deaf, Cruz will likely rebound from this and continue being the pro-gun and pro-Constitution lawmaker that we conservatives generally support. Hopefully, he takes this opportunity to make it right and help his fellow Texans in their time of need.