If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Ted Cruz has become one of my favorite conservative voices in all of Washington DC.

In fact, if he had been the Ted Cruz of today five years ago when he was running for the GOP nomination, it may have been a VERY hard decision between him and Trump.

Luckily, he wasn’t as bold back then as he is today, so I didn’t have that dilemma.

But that 2016 loss to Trump is what I believe galvanized Cruz into becoming the Conservative hammer that he is today, and he used what he learned during that race to shape his thinking going forward.

He learned what American Conservatives want, and he’s shifted his ideals towards helping them achieve that goal. Cruz has become one of the biggest thorns in the Left’s side, constantly pointing out their lunacy and hypocrisy…

And one of his favorite targets is none other than the “little socialist that could,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—otherwise known as AOC.

The Lion Of The Senate Vs The Dingbat Democrat

Lion Ted and AOC have locked horns a number of times since the New York Congresswoman first won her seat, and each and every time, Cruz makes her look like the fool she truly is.

My favorite part is when he points out her blatant double standards—which she exposes herself every time she opens her mouth—and the most recent exchange between the two of them revealed where AOC’s true priorities lie.

When Trump was president, she sure put on a show at that border detention center parking lot, crying he eyes out over kids she wasn’t even looking at.

However, with Biden as president, she’s singing a different tune.

In fact, she’s marching in lock-step with the Democratic leadership and giving them a pass for the situation at the border, even with MORE people in WORSE conditions that were ever under Trump.

Responding to a recent tweet, AOC had a lot to say about her new attitude towards the border.

She said, “A lot of people who are just now suddenly horrified at the dehumanizing conditions at our border are the same folks who dehumanize immigrants + helped build these cages in the 1st place. When we tried to stop this infrastructure over a year ago, we were overruled by BOTH parties.”

She continued, “A politician’s strength isn’t based on a trip. It’s based on their policy and voting RECORD. And the fact is a LOT of Ted Cruz types who are now going down to meet refugee children in boats outfitted w/ machine guns are the ones who helped create this problem in the first place.”

You would think that AOC would have learned to leave Cruz alone by now. Every time she invokes his name, she gets decimated.

And this time is no different, as Lion Ted roared back over Twitter, “@AOC

explains the real Dem position: abolish ICE. Full open borders. Which would make the #BidenBorderCrisis even worse. She says nothing else works. Really? Last year, we had the lowest illegal immigration IN 45 YEARS. This year, we have the highest in 20 years.”

That facts don’t lie…

Least number of illegal immigrants in 45 years compared to the highest amount in 20 years.

What can AOC actually say?


Because she can’t argue with the truth. Nobody really can.

They can only try to trigger emotions in response – but they can’t refute the evidence that Joe Biden has broken the border and it’s a crisis.

Maybe AOC will show up and start crying soon…

We can only hope!


“Hypocrisy is the audacity to preach integrity from a den of corruption.” – Wes Fesler