No disrespect to U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, but last time I checked, his job does not make him an expert on freedom or constitutional rights. I understand that the responsibility of a Surgeon General is to ensure public health and safety, but by no means does that make him the authority on whether a mandate oversteps civil liberties. Furthermore, just because he says masks don’t violate Americans’ freedom doesn’t make it true. Why are government officials so eager to get Americans to wear face masks?

During a White House press conference on Tuesday, Surgeon General Adams relayed a message to Americans: “Wear a face covering when you go out in public. It is not an inconvenience. It is not a suppression of your freedom. It actually Is a vehicle to achieve our goals,” Adams said during the briefing. Easy for him to say as he tells the rest of America how to live their lives.

Does he not see the irony in what he just said? He started off telling people what to do, then moved to say that it’s not a suppression of their freedom. It certainly is suppression of their freedom when you tell people to wear a mask when they have no legal obligation to do so. Americans are a free people and if we don’t want to wear a mask in public, we should never be told we have to. By the way, face mask-wearing is an inconvenience for many people who have issues like asthma or allergies which prevent them from breathing well or getting enough oxygen. I would expect a surgeon general to not only know an important fact like that but acknowledge it too.

Adams might think his statement, which is more like a reprimand, will change someone’s mind. But it doesn’t help his case with Americans who think mandating mask-wearing in public is a violation of their freedom. His denial will only make them double down. If there truly was good science behind the efficiency of face masks in preventing infection, the facts would speak for themselves. It wouldn’t be necessary for him to act like an authoritarian and tell people what to do.

Even if all Americans wore a mask, who’s to say it would prevent anything if people don’t even know what they’re doing? That’s beside the fact that people don’t even wear the correct masks that prevent infection or spread. Do cloth masks even work? Do they need a carbon filter? If not, can N95s be made available to everyone? Then there are the people who don’t even know how to wear them on their faces. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the people with the mask hanging off their ears or sitting below their nose. Wearing it like that basically defeats the purpose. With more than 300 million people in America, these factors are impossible to regulate.

The No Mask Nevada PAC, who announced their formation on Monday, understands this. The PAC says they decided to fight back against Nevada’s state governor Steve Sisolak after his statewide mask mandate, which they accuse of “depriving citizens of liberty without any due process or input from the legislative branch.” The group plans to organize protests against pro-mask political candidates throughout the state. According to the PAC’s Vice Chairman Ian Bayne, “Masks are a political issue of choice and not one for a governor to mandate with the stroke of a pen.”

This freedom-loving PAC is exactly right when they say face mask mandates deprive Americans of their Constitutional right to liberty. Why is this concept so hard for the Surgeon General to understand?

Now, after watching Adams work throughout the pandemic, I think he has genuine intentions in protecting the public. When he spoke at the coronavirus task force press conferences, he would become visibly emotional about how much he cares about the American people. I do not think Adams is some tyrant, in the same way that Gavin Newsom is, wanting to wield his power over everyone within his reach. However, it is not okay to simply deny that mandating mask-wearing is a “suppression” of our freedom.

Look, we don’t need the government to babysit us. Americans know exactly what they are doing when they go out in public without a mask. After months of quarantine, it’s impossible to argue that anyone would not know. If they want to do that, it is their prerogative. At-risk groups are perfectly able to protect themselves. In general, it is a health risk to do anything outside of your home where you are around other people. Say for example if you’re driving, or biking on a main road, or going for a run, there’s always a possibility of being hit by a car, but that’s a risk you take as an individual. It’s time for the government to sit back and let people be responsible for themselves. I find it incredibly offensive that these political “elites” think they need to tell everyone how to live their lives.