“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

This adage has been around for a while, but it has gained more popularity with the rise of social media.

It means exactly what you’d expect it to mean: if you’re going to do something stupid, expect the outcome to be just as dumb.

Some people like to call it “karma” or “cosmic balance,” but I just like to think it’s what happens when you decide to do something dumb. Either you get away with it, or you wind up having that idiocy turned back on you.

FreedomWire is headquartered in the Sunshine State of Florida, and being from one of the CRAZIEST states around (you’ve probably heard stories of “Florida-Man” or even “Florida-Woman”), we know what stupid looks like.

If you’ve never seen a grown man mouth-feed marshmallows to a gator, then you may not have the kind of experience in spotting idiocy like a Floridian.

But trust me when I say that, when it comes to weird, crazy, and stupid, Florida has gone over its quota.

Florida-Woman Strikes Again

So, when we read things in the news about somebody doing something in Florida, you can bet that it doesn’t really faze us anymore.

That is, however, unless that story makes national headlines…

That’s when we Floridians really pay attention.

A Palm Beach County woman, identified as Karen Jones (yes, you can’t make this up, people… a real-life “Karen”), was recently arrested for tweeting what was seen as a death threat towards Florida state and federal politicians.

The 55-year old woman allegedly wrote on Twitter, “DeSantis, Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio are looting my state. Imma shot them.”

Now, poor grammar and spelling aside, there is no reason to think that this Karen was going to follow through on her words. Many of her friends have said that she’s known to be a jokester…

However, because she lives in the same county that the President frequents on a regular basis, the FBI had to take this threat seriously.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Karen (I just love writing that) is a registered Democrat and the people she “threatened” were all prominent members of the Republican Party.

“But… But I was only JOKING!”

Fox News reported on the story, saying, “Jones made the remark online after retweeting a reporter from The Washington Post who shared a story by the Miami Herald about DeSantis backing ‘anti-mob’ legislation that would bolster Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. Unique to self-defense laws in other states, the statute does not require a person to retreat before using deadly force to prevent bodily harm to themselves or others or to prevent a felony.”

So, she thought she made a joke…but it wound up costing her some money and her freedom.

After someone reported the tweet, Palm Beach County sheriffs went to her Lantana home (less than three miles away from FreedomWire’s home office, mind you) to arrest the woman and charge her with three counts of threatening to kill or do bodily harm.

And while court documents show that Jones admitted to writing the tweet in jest, the fact remains that she did make the threats. That’s why she was thrown in the slammer, as per the report made by the arresting officer who said, “When I made the observation that there were no commonly used terminology to show the post was a joke, Jones stated that anyone who follows her knows her sense of humor.”

Well, her bad taste in humor just cost her $1500 in bail – and what’s sure to be more in court costs…

But hopefully, she learned her lesson.

However, she is a Democrat…so that’s doubtful.