Trump is back in his element, packing venues full of energized, patriotic supporters attending his beloved Keep America Great rallies. Generation Z roared in support at his second public rally-style appearance following the “Chinese Virus” lockdowns, and the president went full-force in attacking the Left for the atrocities they are inflicting on our country. The energy in the room was through the roof despite rumors of Sleepy Joe Biden leading Trump in many of the top polls by as many as 10 points or higher. Didn’t we learn in the last election that the polls are often wrong? Trump had a massive 2016 victory against all odds and most predictions, and from what I saw at the rally this week, he will inspire another Red Wave in 2020.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke to about 3,000 college-age students at the single-day Students for Trump convention held at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. America’s largest grassroots activism groups, Students for Trump and Turning Point USA, collaborated to hold their first event together featuring star speaker President Trump who gave “An Address to Young Americans.” His speech revealed a massively successful turnout following the Tulsa rally, which was mocked by the Left for a smaller-than-expected crowd.

The convention’s special guests also included former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who is responsible for the recent declassification of many significant Obamagate documents. Also present at the KAG rally were Congressman Matt Gaetz, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr., and TPUSA CEO Charlie Kirk, who hyped up the crowd in anticipation of the president’s appearance.

First off, to dispel any fake news media reports, every seat in the venue was filled. I know because I was there.

FreedomWire’s Grace Saldana at the Students For Trump rally

Not a single empty seat was seen, not even all the way at the church’s highest balcony. News outlets were quick to criticize attendees for refusing masks amid supposed spiking “Kung flu” cases. Regardless of the media’s intimidation tactics, students fearlessly braved the event without masks or fear of being close to others – despite a last-minute mask mandate prior to the convention. Gen Z showed they stand in strong resistance to the Leftist media’s attempts at unconstitutional control.

As the president took the stage in pure Trump-esque style, students loudly cheered on his message about the threat of media manipulation, Leftist mobs, and Sleepy Joe “who has no control over” what will happen to America if he gets elected. Trump described the present as a crucial time in American history, one that could make or break the future of this country. There is an ugly civil war going on right now between political ideologies, and Trump proclaimed, “You’re fighting against an oppressive Left-wing ideology. Our people are stronger, and our people are smarter, and we are the elite.”

Countering the BLM protestors who think they are oppressed by the Trump presidency, he touted his various accomplishments for the black community. Those successes, which add up to more than any other president has ever achieved for blacks, including criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, historically low unemployment rates, and securing continuous funding for HBCUs.

Quipping at the anti-law and order CHAZ woke mob, Trump joked, “I said what? What are they [Democrats] gonna defund and abolish? They said, the police! I said oh great I just won the election!” to which the crowd exploded into resounding cheers. Taking a more serious tone, Trump took a hit at the ANTIFA rioters, praising the “young patriots” as “civilized people” who don’t want to erase history compared to the criminals who are recklessly burning down churches, toppling statues, or assaulting police officers.

In between his hits at the Democrat party, the president reminded the students and warned the world that “we got hit by the plague and I’m not too happy about that.” He continued, “the long slow surrender is over because today and every day we are putting now America First.” The warm reminder goes for any anti-America globalists out there who think this country will be pushed around. Trump asserted once again that, “We are no longer energy-dependent, we are now energy dominant.” Under his presidency, America continues to regain independence lost to the world who wants to rob them.

Trump made it clear that although, “the radical Left thinks the future belongs to them,” he vowed, “no, the future belongs to you [the students].” The president then welcomed multiple speakers on stage, including young women, and people of color, to talk about their experiences with the mob who have savagely attacked and smeared them for supporting Trump. What kind of “misogynistic Nazi,” as the Left likes to call him, would invite females and minorities on stage to speak about their experiences as victims of discrimination?

We may be living through some of the most unprecedented times in American history, but Trump’s speech to the Students for Trump Convention this week was a ray of hope. Because of the unmatched energy of the crowd of students who attended regardless of the pandemic and riots, there is reason to stay hopeful that Trump will prevail in 2020 no matter how much heat he takes. If high school and college students can see through the left’s intentions in bringing down Trump, even during a national shutdown, then surely the Silent Majority does too. This motivation is needed now more than ever before as the left is unhinged on a mission of vengeance against the president, conservatives, or anyone who stands in their way. It’s up to us to fight this massive orchestrated disinformation campaign from the Leftist-controlled institutions.