The elitist college professors use the campus as a leftist propaganda institution.

The likelihood that college graduates will obtain a high-paying job with a four-year degree is diminishing.

That is not to say all college is a waste of time. Some degrees are very useful. For example, students who attend medical school or earn engineering degrees do very well.

However, college isn’t for everyone. And the push for college has hurt the American economy.

Blue-collar workers have been looked down upon for years; a push by elitists to attend college has left the economy with a shortage of high-skilled blue-collar jobs.

But our kids must go to school to get a degree in feminist studies and to be taught to hate America; that is more important.

Colleges are overwhelmingly staffed with leftist college professors; their paychecks depend on parents sending their kids to leftist campus propaganda mills.

There is dignity in working with one’s hands; earning money and supporting one’s family through hard work is a noble pursuit.

The elitists on our college campuses are wrong to suggest that a four-year degree is the only way to obtain a high-quality job.

In fact, millennials are more likely to get paid more getting hands-on experience through an apprenticeship and other vocational training.

Earnings for holders of four-year degrees have dropped over the past decade. In 2008, more than one-third of college graduates worked at occupations such as waiting tables and manning cash registers, jobs traditionally held by non-college graduates.

That social justice waitress of yours—who hates her life—may well have earned a degree in gender studies, and is now asking people like you for your drink order. It wasn’t worth the thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

There is an oversupply of jobs that require a college degree.

Graduates with degrees in computer science and law are having a hard time getting a job.

Through 2016, the number of graduates in the information field will be three times the number of job openings.

Law schools are pumping out more lawyers than the market needs. Thirty percent of those passing the bar exam aren’t even working in the profession.

Why is there a shortage of blue-collar workers?

One reason is because millennials don’t want to get their hands dirty. Put simply: They are lazy.

Today’s youth tend to regard trade crafts such as plumbing, masonry, and carpentry as below their standards.

They would rather drink craft beer and play Xbox—while complaining about the greedy capitalists—than work hard with their hands.

There is a negative perception about blue-collar jobs.

Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, has observed this trend. He said, “Higher education is in one column and everything else is called alternative. And those kinds of pursuits are reserved for people who are somehow deficient or somehow not cut out for the desirable path… What’s aspirational about ‘middle skill’? It’s going to take a generation to get people to really challenge the stereotypes.”

He is right.

For too long, high-skilled trade jobs have been derided. It is time for this to change.

We need to start encouraging our children to pursue training in high-skilled trade jobs.

Sending them to college will likely leave them working in a dead end job.

The Marxist college professors be damned!