The most common questions I’ve heard while reporting on the March for Trump bus tour with Right Side Broadcasting Network are, “Do you think there’s reason to stay positive?” and “Do you think President Trump will pull out of this election victorious?”

The short answer to both of these questions is yes. Conservatives have every reason to stay positive based on mountainous evidence of voter fraud presented thus far.

Here’s why.

President Trump’s legal team, as well as top-level attorneys working on his behalf, have made it clear that they are not going to stop investigating thousands of examples of voter fraud affecting the 2020 election.

They have every intention of continuing to hold public hearings, challenging the state courts, and escalating their cases as high as the Supreme Court if that is what it takes to guarantee fair and free elections.

Just look at what has begun to transpire over the past week.

The public hearing in Pennsylvania last week with Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis was just the beginning of ferocious legal battles to commence in the next two weeks.

That was followed by this Tuesday’s Michigan hearing, which provided several hours of damning testimony from eyewitnesses of voter fraud.

Team Trump tweeted this clip from the hearing from a poll watcher who witnessed fraud occur before her.

“Poll watcher in Michigan: ‘I witnessed the military ballots being duplicated. I just thought it was strange that only Biden’s name was selected, no down-ballot…and not one was for Trump.”

On Wednesday, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell and high-profile litigator Lin Wood held a press conference describing their staunch determination to shine light on rampant widespread fraud.

But that’s not all. Rudy Giuliani also testified with allegations of election fraud on Wednesday night in Lansing, Michigan.

More hearings are being scheduled across the contested states as we speak.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced litigation has begun in Wisconsin to take on “clear violations” of state election law.

“NEW Wisconsin lawsuit filed today outlining clear violations of Wisconsin law in the election, affecting 221,000 ballots. Also, new updates in Nevada…”

Although three of the contested states—Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona—have certified their states’ votes, this can be undone if the need arises.

A simple court ruling can overturn any state’s election certification.

But the good news for the Trump campaign does not stop at court hearings and litigation.

Some judges who are overseeing voter fraud cases in states like Georgia, for example, are doing the right thing. One sided with the Trump campaign to impound Dominion voting machines that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood allege were used to switch votes.

Now let’s take a step back.

The election may seem hopeless when you have a corrupt political and media establishment that is propagating the idea that Biden won.

However, when you look at the fact that Trump’s legal team is winning their legal arguments, gaining ground in the courts, and exposing evidence of widespread voter fraud, it becomes evident that the truth will be exposed.

Subjectively speaking, momentum is skyrocketing among the tens of millions of Republican voters who have been disenfranchised from their Constitutional right to vote.

The American people will not stand to allow their rightful votes to be stolen by crazed, power-hungry Leftists who will do anything to gain control.

The fact remains that President Trump still has several pathways to victory available via the Constitution, state election law, and the Supreme Court. Conservatives have every reason to remain more positive than ever as the evidence is on our side.

What the Left wants is for Trump supporters to feel isolated and powerless. They want to break the spirit of patriotic Americans down into submission to their tyrannical whims.

But like Sidney Powell said, “We will not be intimidated.”

“We are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who voted for freedom,” she vowed.

Trump supporters should take heart in that truth will emerge victorious as we go into the trenches of election fraud.