It has been nearly 10 months since Stacey Abrams lost the Gubernatorial race in Georgia to Brian Kemp.

Even after all this time, she STILL won’t admit defeat and concede the election to the duly-elected winner.

It’s clear that she’s just being a sore loser

Lately, she’s been trying to stay relevant by going on television and espousing her conspiracy theories about why she lost the election.

It appears that she is holding out hope that she will be tapped as the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate in 2020, despite the fact that none of the candidates have approached her with an offer yet.

She was built up by the media as a rising star in the Democratic Party and was endorsed by high-profile celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey.

She tries to imply that she lost because of some nefarious racist plot to deny minorities the right to vote. Abrams—herself an African American— has claimed that Brian Kemp, as secretary of state, sought to suppress the minority vote.

However, upon further review, her conspiracy theories are bogus.

Here are the facts.

Stacey Abrams Lost Fair and Square

Abrams appeared on ‘CBS This Morning’ to explain why she still hasn’t conceded the election to Kemp. When asked why she wouldn’t just accept her defeat with dignity, she said, “Because concession means to say that the process was fair. I am complicit if I say that that system is fair.”

Give it up already! You lost!

Jeffrey Tobin at National Review did an excellent job of debunking Abram’s false narrative. It is worth quoting here.

Tobin wrote: “The claims of voter suppression rest primarily on the fact that as Georgia secretary of state, Kemp enforced a statute passed by a Democratic-majority legislature and signed by a Democratic governor in 1997. It required the voting rolls to be periodically purged to remove names of voters who were dead, or who had moved away or were incarcerated. Under this law, 600,00 names of people who hadn’t voted in the last three elections were removed from the rolls in 2017 by Kemp’s office.”

Kemp was enforcing a law that the Democrats had instituted over 20 years ago. How is that a nefarious plot to steal the election?

It isn’t.

Another argument made by Abrams is that lines were too long at voting precincts which denied them the opportunity to vote for her.

However, her contention can be easily debunked.

Here is Tobin again:

“The other argument that purportedly backs up the stolen-election claims is that lengthy lines caused by the closing of 212 precincts in the state since 2012 deterred Georgia voters from turning out. But Kemp had nothing to do with that since all decisions on consolidating voting stations were made by county officials. Which means if there were fewer precincts and longer lines in Democratic-majority counties in Georgia, it was almost certainly due to the decisions made by local Democrats, not Kemp or a national GOP conspiracy.”

Stacey Abrams lost by 54,000 votes, so it’s hard to imagine that she could have made up enough votes even if her complaints were true.

She lost, and now she needs to give up.

The Democrats are sore losers.

One needs only to search YouTube videos of the night Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is hilarious to see the loud screaming and crying clips of the Democrat supporters.

Abrams is carrying on their legacy.