The American heartland will stand for this Democrat-backed anarchy no more! The people of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Wisconsin are making it clear that they have had enough of riots, looters, and progressive politics. Since we can’t count on the elected politicians to run to our rescue when we need them, some people are taking matters into their own hands across the Midwest region. Although the news has been filled with pessimistic images of chaos and moral depravity lately, there are some rays of hope starting to appear.

Sunday night, a middle-aged couple dubbed “St. Louis Ken and Karen” swept the politigram meme sphere with videos and images of them staunchly defending their home with guns. The couple, whose actual names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey, stood strong with an AR-15 and a handgun respectively after BLM protestors broke into their neighborhood to march toward the mayor’s house in St. Louis, Missouri.

In a time where it seems like everyone around is falling for the Left’s idea of “white guilt” and “white privilege,” it’s especially encouraging to see this couple stand up to the Leftist mob encroaching on their home. This video was exactly what conservative America needed to see in a time when big corporations, successful businesses, and people in positions of power bow to the Leftist mob. This couple fearlessly stood outside their home, armed with guns to protect themselves. We need more of this attitude in America among all conservatives, regardless of race.

Of course, the mob did not hesitate to come after the couple following the viral video. On Monday, the McCloskey’s, who are both attorneys themselves, consulted with a lawyer to defend against attacks from the Left. The couple says they were simply defending their private property, which is in a gated community that protestors broke into, after they received death threats. McCloskey told a news outlet, “This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned, and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob.”

Were I in that situation, I’d grab my guns too. Never mind the fact that it’s our legal right as Americans to use our Second Amendment right. The McCloskey’s don’t need justification for what they did, especially given the circumstances.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, law enforcement officials have their citizens’ back and will not allow rioters who burned cop cars and vandalized cities to run amuck. Over the weekend, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater sent a very strong message to violent rioters: “This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.” Prater announced they will be charging the accused with terrorism and assault. Defending the decision, the D.A. said, “When you act like a terrorist, you will be treated like a terrorist.”

Oklahoma has some of the harshest punishments in the United States for crime in general, so what made the rioters think they were going to get off the hook for this? The state notoriously stands by the law and upholds their conservative values. Anyone who’s lived there knows that. Finally, state officials are stepping up to give the rioters what they deserve: jail, and for a long time.

It seems like things are starting to shape up a bit for conservatives. While quarantine and the riots seemed to just drag on forever, maybe our elected officials will finally start doing the right thing on behalf of the law-abiding citizens. If officials across America don’t follow Oklahoma’s example and choose not to take action, the people will, as we saw in St. Louis.

We may already begin to see a political uprising against what is happening, as shown by a new Wisconsin poll showing Trump in the lead. Now, I’m always skeptical of the “polls” but if Trump is actually pulling ahead in one, maybe it could be a good sign. The poll released on Monday by the Trafalgar Group shows Trump leading Biden by just 1%, in 46% to 45%. It’s not much – but it’s far better than the vast majority of depressing polls that supposedly have Biden in the lead by 10+ points. Perhaps the riots, exposing leftism in its true form, are paying off for conservatives as the election approaches.

I would hope that politicians would value peace more than they would like to passively avoid an uprising as if it weren’t happening. I don’t wish violence on anyone, but we need law and order restored – and more than that, we need stability. Instability is ruining our country. We can’t afford to let the leftists run rampant and become more powerful than the silent majority.

Hopefully, the Wisconsin poll proves true in November.