Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now: The extremist Dems in The Squad (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush) are the biggest anti-Semites out there.

For years now, they’ve worked to undermine the safety and sovereignty of Israel, and their latest group effort shows that they don’t care if Jews are killed by terrorist missiles. Not to mention how many innocent Palestinians are killed by those same strikes.

Does this make them anti-Semitic?

I believe it does…

And the fact that they’re willing to allow Israeli lives—even those of women and children—to be lost in the name of fighting a fictitious “occupation” proves it.

Even if that WERE true, how does furthering the loss of life fix the root of the problem?

Honestly, the Squad’s latest boneheaded move will do more to exacerbate things between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors than it will to force Israel to the bargaining table.

What is it EXACTLY that the Squad members have done?

Well, in order to secure votes for the Democrats’ continuing resolution (which needs to be passed to avoid a government shutdown), the party had to make some provisions in exchange for Squad-member votes…

And one of those provisions is a cut in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, the missile defense system that destroys incoming rockets targeting our ONLY Middle Eastern ally.

Democrats Stabbing Israel In The Back

According to confirmed reports, far-left Democrats told their party’s leadership they would NOT vote for the bill if it included the $1 billion in funding for the Iron Dome.

The problem is that it makes absolutely NO sense to take away funding for a DEFENSE system.

If they wanted to cut funding for arming the Israelis with mortars, rockets, and other offensive weapons, the pushback could be understood. But taking away funding for a defensive system is nothing short of irresponsible, hateful, and, dare I say, spiteful.

But because of the Squad’s influence, the Iron Dome funding was taken out. If Nasty Nancy Pelosi wants to pass this resolution, she can’t have ANY opposition in her party. The Dem’s majority in the House is way too thin.

That means, in effect, Pelosi and the Dems are at the mercy of the Squad, showing the party once and for all who’s REALLY in charge of the party.

It’s not the “moderate” Democrats (not that there are many of them left anyway) but the extremists who are now controlling what the party does—and it could cost Israel THOUSANDS of lives if this is allowed to stand.

It’s disgusting, really.

How anybody could say they care about people and then not fund a missile defense system for one of our allies is beyond comprehension.

What This Proves About The Squad

This shows that these Squad members truly only care about pushing their agendas…and when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians, that agenda is clear.

Their idea of Palestine can only be built on more dead Jews—a bloody foundation for a country that has NEVER existed in the first place.

This is terrible and embarrassing for the United States. If we can’t back our allies, how can we trust that they’ll have our backs if we ever need them?

This sets a bad precedent for the future, and we can only hope that our OTHER allies don’t see what we’re doing to Israel and decide that being allied to America just isn’t worth it.

Hopefully, logic takes hold in the Dem’s chambers soon – because if it doesn’t, we could find ourselves looking like nothing but used-car salesmen to our friends.

Shame on the Squad for putting lives at risk…

And shame on Dem leadership for allowing it to happen.


“There is at least one thing worse than fighting with allies – And that is to fight without them.” – Winston Churchill