There are times when I hate my job…and having to write this article is one of those times.

However, in pursuit of the goal of keeping FreedomWire readers informed, we have to accept the fact that it’s not going to be all about exposing Joe Biden and the Democrats for wrecking our country.

Sometimes, we have to talk about brutal, heartbreaking topics that infinitely more important than squabbles over mask mandates.

And so we arrive at the tragic but nonetheless important topic of this article: the frightening rise in suicide rates amongst our active soldiers.

While we would like to think that our fighting men and women have all the resources they need, including proper mental health services, we’ve just received a terrible reminder of the biggest way America fails its troops.

During his time in office, Donald Trump was making strides towards getting our veterans and soldiers everything they needed—but then Joe Biden came in and either halted or reversed ALL of Trump’s policies and agreements (except for the Afghanistan pullout…isn’t that peculiar?), and now our military men and women are paying the price.

Army Suicides Continue To Climb

This is evidenced by a new Pentagon report, which found that suicides among active-duty US Army soldiers were up by an unfathomable 46% over the last quarter compared to the same time in 2020.

In the second quarter of this year, 60 active-duty Army soldiers took their own lives, compared to 41 in the second quarter of 2020.

21 more suicides may not sound like a lot to some, and even 41 is an unacceptable number, but that increase in just a year is staggering, and yet there aren’t any solid answers as to why this is happening.

One theory, as put out by Army veteran and Texas A&M Sociologist Jeffrey Yarvis, has to do with COVID.

“The pandemic has fundamentally changed us in a lot of ways,’ Yarvis said, “It’s caused a lot of isolation and can influence unit cohesion, belongingness and togetherness. So, if you’re cut off from that family a little more, I think it makes things difficult.”

However, things have opened up in 2021, so it almost doesn’t make sense why we’re seeing more suicides.

And the Army isn’t the only branch of our military losing soldiers. Suicide numbers are up in the Navy as well, 17 in 2021 alone, up 41% amongst active Navy personnel from 12 suicides in the second quarter of last year.

Again, five more suicides may not sound like a lot—but these are BIG numbers.

When Will Enough Be Enough?

How many suicides would it take for people to stand up and take notice of the problem?

Because between April and June, there have been no fewer than 139 military personnel suicides from all branches combined, both active and reserve.

That figure is more than DOUBLE the 67 military personnel who have died from COVID.

And Joe Biden isn’t necessarily to blame for this problem, either.

The Department of Defense has reported that the suicide rates have steadily risen every year, going from 267 in 2015 to 384 in 2020, so ascribing blame to Biden or any other president alone would be inaccurate.

However, that doesn’t mean that Joe Biden should just allow this problem to continue. He should be working to get our soldiers the resources they need to ensure that the suicide numbers go DOWN rather than up—you know, just like Trump was doing.

Regardless of what happens, this is a tragedy that needs to be addressed…and SOON.

Our soldiers have enough problems to deal with, and getting them the resources they need to combat mental health issues should be at the top of the priority list.

Biden needs to worry less about $3.5-trillion spending bills and focus more on the only REAL resource that matters: the people.

What happened to being the party of compassion, Joe?


“We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.” – George Sand