The world has gone crazy.

My grandmother tells me that she believes all the strife that is affecting this world is paving the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The more insane stories come out about how some authorities are treating the COVID-19 pandemic, the more willing I am to agree with her.

It seems that nothing makes sense anymore, and even when science tells us how to keep ourselves and others safe by using masks and observing social distancing, people are still being arrested and oppressed by overbearing governments.

There are gyms in New York and New Jersey that are still closed, and the few that dare to open are being fined an astronomical $15,000 a day, even though the science has shown that, the better shape you’re in, the better you’re able to handle the virus.

Honestly, there’s an argument to be made that the government should have subsidized gym memberships. It may have cost them a lot less in the end.

But there are stories like this going on all around the world…

But nothing is as crazy then what transpired in the little Spanish beach town of San Sebastian, located on the Bay of Biscay.

What happened?

Arrested… For Following The Rules

A local lifeguard was arrested on the beach after her own colleagues called the police when she was spotted surfing after being placed on medical leave following a positive COVID-19 test.

Now, it’s important to note that the unnamed woman was symptom-free and she was placed on leave as a precaution for her fellow lifeguards.

However, authorities argue that she was supposed to be in quarantine, but instead, decided to practice social distancing in the middle of the ocean on her surfboard.

When the snitches… ahem, I mean fellow lifeguards approached her on a boat, they ordered her out of the water—an order she ignored, continuing to surf for another hour.

Now, as a surfer myself, I can tell you that, when the waves are up, you don’t go in until you’re exhausted or the waves die down.

She was simply doing what any surfer worth their salt would do—plus, by staying in the water, she was able to avoid the authorities that were waiting for her on the beach to arrest her when she came in.

Once she did finally come in, two officers in full HAZMAT suits escorted her off the shore and further up the beach so she could be put in a police car.

The Irony Of Her Beach Arrest

And what were the charges?

The woman was arrested for “serious disobedience and crimes against public health” even though she was actually following the guidelines put forth by health officials…

Proving there is a VERY fine line between social welfare and authoritarianism.

My guess?

Her fellow lifeguards were jealous that she was given a few weeks off and were angry that she was making the most of her time while NOT harming anybody.

If you’ve ever been surfing or seen other people surf, you realize that in order to do that, you have to do TWO things that health officials suggest: a) get out in the sunlight because the virus doesn’t do well in the ultraviolet rays, and b) social distance, because it’s incredibly hard to catch a wave while you’re right next to somebody.

Here’s the irony of it all too…

Authorities arrested her just days after it was reported that Spanish hospitals were starting to take COVID-19 patients to the beach for their health and wellbeing.

She was doing what the hospitals are doing and was arrested for it.

Do you still think these lockdowns are about public health?

Or are you starting to see how they’re all about control?

Think about it…


“Out of water, I am nothing.” – Duke Kahanamoku