The Western Hemisphere of the world is a safe haven of freedom compared to the East, but even so, no country besides America truly allows their citizens individual freedoms anymore.

That became clear during the pandemic when we saw the Australian and British governments arresting people on public streets for violating lockdown rules as minor as not wearing a mask.

The videos that came out of those countries that we typically view as humane and fair to their people were disturbing and disheartening.

However, Spain’s latest news takes the cake as far as tyranny goes.

The Spanish Health Minister said last week that the country will begin creating a list of individuals who refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine—despite it not technically being “mandatory.”

They will then share that list with other countries that are part of the European Union, BBC reported.

What’s scary about this story is that this could easily happen in the United States if we don’t remain vigilant of who is in power and what their intentions are.

Over the past four years, many politicians, including both Democrats and Republicans, have been exposed for working to put other countries ahead of our own.

For decades, they intentionally and unapologetically put global interests above American interests, but when President Trump came into office, that came to an end.

One of the most impressive and important accomplishments President Trump has achieved for America is that he helped saved us from the grips of globalism. Before he became president, globalism was taking a terrible toll on American industries such as farming, mining, and manufacturing.

But it was also taking an even worse form: sending billions of U.S. dollars to our enemies with legislation like the Iran Nuclear Deal, allocating millions to globalist pacts like the Paris Climate Accord, and joining one-sided trade deals like NAFTA.

Thankfully, President Trump helped us dodge those bullets before it took an even more detrimental turn on the American people. However, now we must ensure that the establishment is not successful in selling out Americans once again to globalism, this time using the pandemic as an excuse.

With the possibility that Trump does not remain in the Oval Office for a second term, we must take up the torch in holding our politicians accountable for how they handle things from here.

The American people cannot allow themselves to be manipulated into believing any further method of control, such as sending names to a powerful body, is for our own good.