There are plenty of people on the Right that consider George Soros some kind of Leftist Boogeyman—and with good reason. This man has been behind some of the worst attacks on conservatism we’ve seen over the past few decades.

You’d expect more from a man who grew up a Jew under Nazi Germany…

But seeing how he got paid for turning over his fellow Jews to those same Nazis, it makes sense that Soros would lean towards the movement that prioritizes absolute control over individual autonomy.

Now, all these years later, Soros can’t seem to stand the democratic republic that America has established as our form of government. For years, he’s been doing his best behind the scenes to usher in socialism—and nobody can figure out why.

He’s funded MANY Leftist organizations, including the Marxist-led BLM as well as his New America Foundation, which is focused on changing polices that favor Liberal agendas…

And on top of that, he’s given BILLIONS to unaffiliated Liberal causes.

He’s spent tens of millions trying to help many different Liberal candidates beat their Conservative counterparts.

In 2016, he donated $8 million to Hillary in her quest to become the first female president, only to come up short against the juggernaut that is Donald Trump.

How one man can hate individual freedom so much the world will never know…

Just like they’ll never know how he gets his fingers into so many aspects of today’s society.

Soros’ Hands In EVERYTHING

For example, his New America Foundation has incredibly close ties to Google, meaning Soros has access to those in power at the world’s biggest search engine…

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize how dangerous that is.

However, that’s not the ONLY big tech company Soros has his grubby little hands in. He’s also got strong ties to the biggest social media site in the world: Facebook.

Heading into the November election, this could be a HUGE problem for Trump and conservatives. Facebook’s fact-checking oversight board—you know, the part of FB that has the authority to remove any content it deems “inappropriate”—is chock-full of George Soros’ buddies.

Facebook says that its fact-checking arm is “diverse in thought and opinion,” but we know that’s a lie. An independent investigation proved this to be so, finding that 18 out of the 20 members of the board have ties either Soros himself or the groups he supports.

RealClearInvestigations’ Sheryl Attkisson recently unveiled the fact that 90% of FB “independent” board has “collaborated with or are tied to groups that have received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.”

However, they have no problem hiding the fact that they’re Liberals masquerading as “independents.”

A recent New York Times op-ed from the oversight board claimed that “the board members come from different professional, cultural, and religious backgrounds and have various political viewpoints.”

“Various” does not mean Conservative…

“Some of us have been publicly critical of Facebook; some of us haven’t,” the op-ed states. “Facebook committed to creating an independent oversight body that will review Facebook’s decisions about what content to take down or leave up. Over the past 18 months, more than 2,000 experts and other relevant parties from 88 countries have contributed feedback that has shaped the development of this oversight board, which will have 20 members (ultimately growing to 40) and is scheduled to become operational this year.”

Facebook In Soros’ Back Pocket

But let’s take a look at their “diversity.”

Evelyn Aswad, a U.S. law professor, is a recipient of a grant from the Knight Foundation that has partnered with Open Society Foundations.

Board member Maina Kiai is the director of Human Rights Watch’s Alliances and Partnerships Initiative, which received $100 million from Open Society Foundations. Kiai also took $615,000 from Soros who contributed to his Kenya Human Rights Commission.

Another co-chair, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is the former socialist Prime Minister of Denmark and is a trustee at the International Crisis Group (a group Soros and his son, Alexander, are members of) funded by the Open Society Foundation.

Catalina Botero-Marino, a co-chair of the Facebook oversight board, is a dean of a Colombian law school that received $1.3 million from Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

How can these people be fair and unbiased?

How can they be trusted to make balanced judgment calls?

Even more…

How can this not be seen as voter fraud? These people have already taken to removing or fact-checking Trump’s content—or content from any Conservative—simply for being on the Right.

The fix is in, folks…

They’re going to do whatever they can to remove our president from office, even if it means censorship at its most base level.

This is the battle we’re fighting…

And why it’s so important for us to show up and vote on November 3rd.

Don’t sit on the sidelines for this one…

All hands on deck!


“I think unconscious bias is one of the hardest things to get at.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg


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