“Here is the wisdom. The one having understanding, let him count the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number, and its number is six hundred sixty-six.” – Revelations 13:18

This scripture has long been quoted by doomsayers and metal musicians alike for centuries…

The coming of the anti-Christ, kicking off the end of the world, will be ushered in with the “mark of the beast” upon him and his followers.

But as to what that “mark” actually is…no one’s quite sure.

However, maybe the prophet who wrote this (some scholars believe it’s John – others say it was somebody else) was given a glimpse of the future and had no idea on how to interpret what he was seeing.

Maybe the number had nothing to do with a marking or tattoo, but was something else entirely, like a Bluetooth headset or an implanted microchip for easy access.

You do realize that some companies are doing that already, right?

Certain corporations are implanting microchips to allow their workers to be able to both enter their facilities and even buy goods at vending machines?


The idea that the population will be implanted with devices to allow them to be a part of our society may seem far-fetched now, but it’s absolutely something that going to be a part of our ever-advancing future.

We have smartphones and smart cars, and soon we’ll have “smart cities” to go right along with it…

And it’s already happening.

Cities are rushing to replace their outdated street lights with “smart” LED technology that could soon give you the ability to find you a parking space, or give you updates on air quality, or even announce an oncoming thunderstorm…

All while allowing the government to keep a constant eye on you.

Why street lights?

Well, according a report by the market intelligence firm, The Northeast Group, “Streetlights are becoming the backbone of larger smart city initiatives,” and American cities will be investing $8.2 billion in them in the next 10 years…

“Overall, over 90% of streetlights will be LED by 2029 and 35% will be connected,” the Group said.


You and THEM will be more connected than ever —and by “them,” we’re talking the federal government.

This is the direction that our entire world is moving – and if you’re not ready for it, you may wind up living off the grid and hunting for your food like some kind of pioneer.

Will You Choose To Be A Part Of Society? Or Will They Choose It For You?

The difference?

You won’t be able to buy, trade or sell any of your goods with anybody. In that new world, you’ll have to be self-sufficient if you refuse to become a part of the growing smart society.

There’s been lots of talk about “smart cities” and how connected technology will help serve us better—but there’s a caveat to this connection as well: our nation’s government will be able to track and watch us in perfect imitation of Orwell’s Big Brother.

Street lights and cameras watching you…

Smartphones and microchips tracking you…

The future will be convenient – while restricting our freedoms at the same time.

Because, yes…

Constant surveillance IS a violation of your Constitutional rights – and you should be wary of anybody that tells you differently.

What’s worse is that we may not have a choice.

This is going to happen whether we like it or not.

You’re either going to be a part of society or you’re not…

And that choice will most likely be made for you.


“Technology… is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” – Carrie Snow


Editor’s Note:

The future is coming – but will you be prepared? Things are moving along at a breakneck pace and there’s no stopping it, so it’s time to prepare for the coming technological storm. Even some of our American staples will be falling by the wayside… including Social Security Cards. What will be replacing them? Well, there’s something called “ID Coins” that could soon be implemented into our social security system – and if you’re not savvy to the technology, you may find yourself unable to gain employment. See what we’re talking about HERE.