Hypocrisy really seems to be the theme for society in the 21st Century, and double standards abound everywhere.

It’s amazing how many people have now become either pro– or anti-riot after the events of January 6th, which saw Trump supporters raid the Capitol building, even wearing the requisite costumes like they were the reincarnation of the colonials throwing tea into Boston harbor.

However, those two events are nothing alike. Save for the one guy dressed in furs, this was an act that was reckless, ill-advised and stupid, far from the legacy of the Boston Tea Party. Unlike the historic raid that helped spark the American Revolution, all this will do more is hurt the Right and Donald Trump’s legacy than anything ever has.

However, as disgusting as the event was., what has been even MORE disgusting has been the Left’s reaction to the idiots who broke windows and raided the Capitol. As the dust settled, Leftists calling for blood could be heard loud and clear.

One of the things that seems to have been forgotten over the past couple of years, lost in the political divide, is that the people we are fighting hardest against are our fellow Americans.

The difference between the Right and the Left is what we hold most sacred.

For the Left, care and welfare are held above all.

Meanwhile, on the Right, what we hold most sacred is freedom.

We’re not that far apart, really; we just see different ways of getting what we need.

The Left feels like we’ll get freedom by taking care of every citizen on the government’s dime. We feel that people can take care of themselves as long as they have the freedom to do so.

Our Differences Are What Make Us GREAT – Not A Reason To Kill Each Other

However, despite those different approaches, we’re still Americans, and we shouldn’t ever be calling for the other side to DIE because of their political beliefs.

But that’s exactly what happened when the Left took to Twitter to express their selective outrage over what happened at the Capitol.

Here, let me share a few…

@rodblackhurst responded to a Jim Acosta tweet by posting this now-removed tweet: “Please just f**king shoot them all. Please.”

And Andrew Therriault (@therriaultphd), the former director of data science for the Democratic National Committee, who also worked as data science manager for Facebook (and they wonder why we don’t trust the fact-checkers) said in a since-removed tweet, “Hopefully they shoot them.”

But they weren’t the only ones…

There are a lot of tweets that are still sitting out there calling for the death of people with different political ideologies—some of them with the vaunted blue check marks by their names.

Third rate rapper Snow tha Product tweeted out to her followers, “shoot em like yall shoot us” – as if shooting protestors happens all the time. It doesn’t, but somehow Snow thinks it does.

But this young lady wasn’t the only “blue checker” calling for the blood of the Trump supporters.

Forbes contributor Vincent Frank tweeted the following: “They are now taking down the American flag in the capital and replacing it with a MAGA flag. Shoot. Them. All.”

And Fashion blogger @bryanboy, tweeted out, “Just shoot them all!! Use those guns. That’s what they are there for, not to kill innocent black people sleeping in their homes.”

This is what happens when the mainstream media pushes a FALSE narrative about America being a racist country.

People think that minorities get shot simply for the color of their skin and not the deeds they’re doing—because the truth is people were shot in the Capitol yesterday.

One woman, an Air Force reservist, lost her life…

So stop with the “racist America” BS. We’re not racist, we’re as fair as they come—but at no time should ANY American wish death upon another simply because of their political ideology.

That’s MORE un-American than what happened at the Capitol.

And I don’t care if you don’t agree.


“I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.” – Theodore Roosevelt