Tech firms Google and IBM employees lean heavily to the Left politically. They are quick to censor conservative speech.

Now they are working with the Chinese government to censor the speech of all Chinese citizens. China is a large country of 1.3 billion people: That is a lot of people to censor.

The system that Google and IBM are working with the Chinese is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984.

The Intercept’s Ryan Gallagher published a chilling report about the authoritarian project.

In it he wrote the following:

“An American organization founded by tech giants Google and IBM is working with a company that is helping China’s authoritarian government conduct mass surveillance against its citizens… The OpenPOWER Foundation— a nonprofit led by Google and IBM executives with the aim of trying to ‘drive innovation’—has set up a collaboration between IBM, Chinese company Semptian, and U.S. chip manufacturer Xilinx. Together, they have worked to advance a breed of microprocessors that enable computers to analyze vast amounts of data more efficiently.”

This is scary stuff. American companies are working with our enemy, the Chinese, to harm their citizens. That technology could be used to spy on American citizens at some point, as well.

I am a firm supporter of free-market capitalism, however, this is a national security threat and our individual rights are put in jeopardy by these companies. Something must be done by the government to put an end to this relationship.

President Trump has used tariffs as a threat against the Chinese government to back off these sorts of operations, but he could go further by preventing American companies from doing business with Chinese companies engaged in authoritarian activities.

The report continued:

“A Semptian employee sent documents showing that the company—under the guise of iNext—has developed a mass surveillance system named Aegis, which it says can ‘store and analyze data.’ Aegis can provide a ‘full view to the virtual world,’ the company claims in the documents, allowing government spies to see ‘the connections of everyone,’ including ‘location information for everyone in the country.”

The story gets worse:

“The system can also ‘block certain information on the internet from being visited,’ censoring content that the government does not want citizens to see…Aegis equipment has been placed within China’s phone and internet networks, enabling the country’s government to secretly collect people’s email records, phone calls, text messages, cellphone locations, and web browsing histories.”

These companies are aiding and abetting with the enemy. This is a serious situation that should be investigated by the federal government.

China has a long-term strategy to be the global superpower and to control South East Asia. The country is building their military up and building man made islands in the South China Sea.

Google and IBM are helping to make the Chinese dream of world domination possible.