Cause and effect…

Causality is one of the easiest scientific principles to prove.

As Newton’s Third Law states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and that goes for EVERY aspect of life.

There isn’t ONE thing you can do—not one—that doesn’t have some kind of effect to go with it.

Which is why it’s so important that we’re mindful of who we give power to, because there are some people whose actions have effects that are more far-reaching and consequences far more dire than others.

When we elect a President, we’ve got to understand that we’re not just electing a representative of the American people.

We’re handing off a lot of control of our lives, because presidents, like many elected officials, are given the power to dictate numerous aspects of our lives.

Of course, this wasn’t the way it was designed…

The Executive Branch wasn’t designed to wield power in that way; it was designed to enforce the will of the people and give us control over the legislation presented by our lawmaking branch.

It was never designed to become what it seems to be today.

Governing Through Authoritarian Rule

The past few presidents—yes, Trump included—used the power of the Executive Order to get THEIR will and agenda passed – but the truth is, each order signed is a circumvention of the democratic process and should be frowned upon by the American people.

That being said, elected officials who have spent 50+ years in public service and have talked about EOs being the tool of dictators should know better than to use them.

Joe Biden SHOULD know better.

However, with over 55 decrees and orders signed in less than a month on the job, it seems that Sleepy Joe has forgotten about the democratic process, as well as his own words concerning these types of actions.

And while the Left is celebrating each and every one of these actions (for the most part), their negative effects are undeniable.

When Biden ended construction on the border wall and then nixed the Keystone Pipeline, he didn’t do it to make America better. He did it for the optics and to keep his base happy…even though when he took office he said that he would be working for ALL Americans.

If that’s the case, why did he sign executive orders that he KNEW was going to end American jobs?

Are optics more important than the lives of the average American worker?

Biden Proves He Doesn’t Care About The Working Class

Apparently so, which is why he went ahead and signed orders that proved to his base that he’s not going to keep ANY of Trump directives in place.

And now, the unemployment numbers coming out after his first month in office are HIGHER than expected, the number increased by almost the exact number of jobs he snuffed out when he signed his John Hancock.

Of course, we don’t know if he even KNEW what he was signing, as he’s been recorded “hot mic’d” saying “I don’t even know what I’m signing here.”

Biden killed American jobs at the worst possible time, and after just a month in office, his jobs report are terrible.

Economists had expected unemployment claims to fall to 768,00 from the 793,000 initially reported for the prior week. The previous week’s figure was revised up by 55,000 to 848,000…

55,000 jobs the estimated average number of jobs that his Executive Orders killed.

Is this a coincidence?

Or does it prove the point that Trump was absolutely right when he said that Biden would be bad for the economy?

Either way, nobody is shocked to hear this…

It’s just sad that they were warned ahead of time and didn’t heed the advanced notice.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this going forward…

This is the America the Left wanted, so now they have to deal with it—and unfortunately, so do we.


“The policies of the left would unleash an economic disaster of epic proportions.” – Donald Trump

Editor’s Note:

Trump said it, didn’t he? He told America that Biden would take the American economy into a nosedive – and the rising unemployment claims due to Sleepy Joe’s executive orders make a strong case for it. Biden has PROVED that he doesn’t care about working-class Americans, and he will continue to make decisions that put US citizens out of work. So, is there a way we can protect our nest eggs? Is there something that we can do to ensure that, no matter what Biden does to the economy, our financial future is safe? Well, watch this video and see if you agree that this could be something that all Americans SHOULD consider doing. see it HERE.