You hate to think that any of our elected officials are truly idiots…

However, there isn’t an actual IQ test that politicians have to take before taking office—so the fact that some of them believe that the island of Guam will capsize because there are too many people on it (looking at you, Hank Johnson) may indicate that there needs to be some kind of intellectual marker that needs to be met.

Of course, you would think that somebody that went to both Stanford and Harvard would have a HIGH level of intelligence…

But so far, during this whole faux-impeachment process, Adam Schiff has proven time and again that he’s far from being a MENSA member.

Since Trump took office, Schiff has been trying his hardest to be a thorn in his side…

You have to wonder if Trump wronged him personally in some way. He truly seems to have a personal vendetta against the president.

The worst part of it is…

He’s allowed his unwarranted hatred of Trump corrupt his patriotism (if he ever had any to begin with), and he’s hijacked the entire democratic process in order to railroad through a bogus impeachment.

Schiff Isn’t Being “Shifty” – He’s Being SLIMY

He’s locked Republican lawmakers out of the process, holding closed-door testimony meetings and not following actual House procedures – and worse, nobody is doing anything.

Schiff is acting with impunity…

And it’s going to ensure that he gets the impeachment trial that he’s so desperately wanted.


There’s a huge problem with this whole thing: there is no evidence of ANY wrongdoing on Trump’s part, even if there WAS quid pro quo.

Regardless, the facts have shown that Trump has done NOTHING wrong and this is nothing more than political hit-job and attempted coup by the Left.

Which is fine…

Justice will prevail.

However, until the president is exonerated, we’ll have to deal with Schiff’s antics…

The latest of which are the selective leaks of witness testimony that Schiff calls the releasing of “transcripts”.

However, unlike Trump, who was basically exonerated by the transcripts,…

Schiff’s selective leaks are working against his own interests – and it’s awesome.

Schiff has release testimony from William Taylor, one of the supposed “key witnesses” over the whole Ukraine deal – but the fact is that the testimony shows that Taylor didn’t have ANY knowledge of quid pro quo and in fact…

The timeline shows that the existence of a quid pro quo agreement is almost impossible!

Taylor’s Testimony All But Proves Trump’s Innocence!

Here’s a snippet that is truly going to make Schiff look like the Schmuck of the Decade:

“You’ve never spoken to Mr. [Rudy] Giuliani?” Taylor was asked.

“No, no,” he replied.

“Has anyone ever asked you to speak to Mr. Giuliani?”

“No,” Taylor said.

“And if I may, have you spoken to the president of the United States?” Taylor was asked.

“I have not,” he said.

“You had no communications with the president of the United States?”

“Correct,” Taylor said.

He then also admitted he had never spoken to  Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney either, and that his only contact was with fired former National Security Advisor John Bolton and people in that office.

Taylor also testified that his knowledge of the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wasn’t first-hand knowledge.

“And this isn’t firsthand. It’s not secondhand. It’s not thirdhand,” Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said to Taylor. “But if I understand this correctly, you’re telling us that Tim Morrison told you that Ambassador Sondland told him that the president told Ambassador Sondland that Zelensky would have to open an investigation into Biden?”

“That’s correct,” Taylor admitted.

The BS Gets Piled Even HIGHER

It goes even DEEPER (or higher) than that…

Taylor has also confirmed that the Ukrainian government had NO awareness of any withheld aid.

“So, if nobody in the Ukrainian government is aware of a military hold at the time of the Trump-Zelensky call, then, as a matter of law and as a matter of fact, there can be no quid pro quo, based on military aid,” [Texas Republican Rep. John] Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor, said. “I just want to be real clear that, again, as of July 25th, you have no knowledge of a quid pro quo involving military aid.”

“July 25th is a week after the hold was put on the security assistance,” Taylor testified. “And July 25th, they had a conversation between the two presidents, where it was not discussed.”

“And to your knowledge, nobody in the Ukrainian government was aware of the hold?” Ratcliffe asked.

“That is correct,” Taylor responded.

Oi vey…

If this is the best Schiff has, he should just admit defeat now instead of wasting any more of the taxpayers’ time and money.

Trump is innocent…

He’s been innocent of everything they’ve accused him of since the beginning – and America knows it.

They’re either too angry to admit it, choosing to ignore it…

Or are outright crazy.


“Why do we have this desire to tease the innocent? Is it envy?” ― Graham Greene