Our federal government has a LOT of problems.

While we could sit here and list each and every one of them (definitely starting with its overwhelming size and power it’s been handed), these problems are not what’s stopping them from actually helping the American people.

No, the biggest hurdle between the federal government and ACTUL progress for our country comes down to one thing and one thing only: partisanship.

Nowadays, neither side is as willing to work with the other like we did for centuries.

It’s like over the past 15 to 20 years, somebody flipped the switch on the bipartisanship, with each side saying, “Nahhh… we’ll go it alone.”

This has been neither good nor healthy for the American people.

The biggest issue with this trend is that it isn’t pure. No matter the issue, only ONE side’s narrative will be heard, and the other side’s story gets tossed away and ignored. The problem with that is that the actual TRUTH is often somewhere in the middle…but it’s now apparent that truth doesn’t matter.

We’re seeing that play out in front of us right now.

When The Truth Doesn’t Matter

The Democrats were adamant about investigating the 1/6 Capitol Riot from the very beginning, and the 1/6 Commission is their proposed solution. They wanted to get to the bottom of how and why an attack on the Capitol Building happened (which they would have known had they been listening to the OTHER half of the country who has many questions about the 2020 election).

They chose not to listen, and so they appear to have been left in total confusion. They chose to ignore the 75 million Americans pleading their government to investigate the 2020 election with even half as much scrutiny as they gave the 2016 election.

But after each branch and level of government refused, concerned Americans became angry.

On January 6th, angry Americans headed down to peacefully protest at the Capitol after Trump’s speech, many of whom were let into the Capitol Building by police because of that peaceful intent. Video records and testimony show this to be true, and it wasn’t until the crowd grew and police started blocking people from entering that things got out of hand.

Looks like we just did the 1/6 Commission’s work for them, because that’s essentially all there is to know.

But that’s not good enough for the Democrats. They want to point the finger at their opponents and make sure people are punished, so Nasty Nancy Pelosi and company put together a commission to get to the bottom of things.

There’s just one problem: she isn’t allowing the Republicans to be represented on this 9/11-style commission with the exception of two hand-picked RINOs—and this fact is not sitting well with the GOP leadership.

Sham 1/6 Commission Called Out

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy shared the GOP’s collective thoughts on that decision, slamming the 1/6 Commission for the SHAM that it is during a press conference.

“Speaker Pelosi will only pick on people on the committee that will ask the questions she wants asked – that becomes a failed committee and a failed report, a sham that no one can believe. If you want to do answers, do not be afraid of the questions that will get asked.”

And he’s right…

There are a LOT of questions that need to be asked and not just questions that come from the Left’s perspective.

That’s why McCarthy and company have every right to hold Pelosi’s feet to the fire. Her removal of Republicans Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the panel was nothing more than political posturing to get the narrative they’re looking for.

Steve Scalise, the Number Two in House GOP Leadership, put it a different way: “They got canceled by this new cancel culture that we see moving throughout the country led by Speaker Pelosi and a lot of our socialist allies here in Congress, where they want to shut out voices that raise tough questions that they don’t want to be asked or answered.”

The GOP leadership also complained they would have none of their people asking questions at the hearing.

Pelosi says she vetoed Banks and Jordan to protect the “integrity” of the investigation—a ridiculous statement since Jim Jordan has a reputation as one of the best cross-examiners in DC.

But Pelosi was quick to point out that she accepted McCarthy’s other three picks, only for him to pull them in response to her veto of his other two selections.

The two GOP members that Pelosi DID pick are RINOs Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Alongside Pelosi’s Democrats, these two will be part of the investigation and take part in questioning four police officers about their experiences the day of the 1/6 riot.

But these are two Republicans who have been adamantly against Trump and the direction of the GOP since the former President’s “America First” initiative.

They don’t care about the truth…

They only care about kowtowing to the Deep State and solidifying their power in DC.

Without Jim Jordan and Jim Banks on the committee, the 1/6 Commission will be nothing more than a grandstanding sham for all the world to see.

And the American people are POWERLESS to stop it.

No wonder the Right is so angry.


“It’s only natural for unbridled partisanship, unrestrained by allegiance to a greater cause, to lead to chaos.” – George Washington