Despite lofty campaign promises that a Biden-Harris administration would be a “return to normalcy,” the U.S. has been stuck in a post-pandemic limbo where the economy has remained mostly stagnant.

After months of missing expectations of a post-pandemic economic boom, the Labor Department’s September jobs report indicates that it’s the Biden administration’s tyrannical vaccine mandates that are holding the economy hostage.

Instead of providing the solution, Joe Biden is furthering the problem by holding America’s recovery back.

Missing Wall Street’s expectations of 500,00 new jobs, the labor market gained less than half of that with 194,000, the Labor Department reported on Friday.

According to MarketWatch, the labor market’s failure to meet expectations was “exacerbated by a decline in employment at public schools.”

Teachers and other public school staff across the country were required to get the Covid-19 vaccine in recent weeks, causing many of them to either be forcefully laid off or resign.

Thousands of healthcare workers in New York, North Carolina, and other states were similarly forced out of their jobs because they refused to comply with vaccine mandates.

New York City gave healthcare workers and teachers until Sept. 27 to comply with the city’s requirement. However, thousands of them took the risk of losing their jobs and protested against the mandates in Manhattan and Brooklyn instead.

Some airlines, including United, also imposed a mandate on workers. Those who do not get the Covid-19 vaccine will see their employment terminated.

Joe Biden also announced in September that all federal workers, health care workers, and businesses with over 100 employees will be required to get the coronavirus vaccine—or else or face hefty fines.

Guidance was released to require federal workers and sub-contractors to comply by early December. OSHA guidance is expected soon for private businesses with over 100 employees.