Unfortunately, the rumors are true that a new mutation of the novel coronavirus that sent the world into unprecedented, unwarranted lockdowns has been discovered in the UK.

But does that mean you should run out and buy up all the toilet paper in every store across America?


Does it mean we should throw ourselves into renewed lockdowns that will cause even more damage from which we might never recover?


What it does mean is this: we should take the same precautions we have been that are proven to work, such as hand-washing, staying away from others if you feel sick, and keeping up your immune system.

Since it is winter, we, particularly those who are elderly or have pre-existing conditions, should be especially mindful about using those habits.

But we should not be so afraid of a new mutation of the virus that we shut down businesses and force millions of people out of jobs, which ultimately causes more harm than the virus itself.

Yet that’s where the world seems to be headed again as “round two” of the pandemic reignites hysteria around the world.

Over the past few weeks, reports have circulated that a new strain of the coronavirus has been circulating in the UK, causing them to spiral into a countrywide lockdown.

On Wednesday, Dr. Fauci confirmed the rumors are true, stating that, sooner or later, we will find it in the US as well.

How convenient it is that a new mutation of the virus would arrive just a week after the first vaccine doses are distributed?

Even more convenient for the power-hungry, Dr. Fauci said the bug that causes COVID is an RNA virus that mutates often, but “most of the mutations have no functional relevance,” the New York Post reported.

However, this mutation “has a suggestion that it might allow the virus to spread even more readily.”

Because why wouldn’t it?

I’m no “conspiracy theorist,” but I do smell something extremely fishy here that we should all be concerned about.

How is it that everything about this virus goes beyond any norm of contagious viruses past? Everything is abnormal, from its contagion rates to the way it spreads, from its mortality rates to its mutations.

So abnormal is this virus, in fact, that Americans have to acquiesce full control of our daily lives to the government and establishment bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci in order to defeat it.

It’s insulting they think we are dumb enough to just buy their narrative. But I have faith that the American people have wised up after the absolute chaos we have witnessed over the past nine months and will resist future arbitrary “pandemic” restrictions that are bound to come with a second strain.