What the hell is in the water up in the Pacific Northwest?

It’s like all the rain the region gets has seeped its way into the brainpans of the liberals up there — as they’re starting to go against some of their very own core ideals.

Leftists have been fighting for years for the separation of church and state — trying to get God out of the school system…

However, as it turns out, they don’t want all worship out of school — just the Judeo-Christian kind.

It seems that praying to Allah is completely fine in Seattle schools, in fact…

It’s more than fine — it’s encouraged.

Dieringer School District is asking its educators to follow CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) guidelines during Ramadan — urging the teacher to “bless” the Muslim students throughout the days.

Not only are teachers supposed to bless their Muslim students…

But they’ve also been asked to monitor these students during their fast (from sunup to sundown), as well as not to schedule tests during their holy holidays, which just happen to coincided with the end of the year.

Misstep Could Cost Seattle School District… BIG Time

But get this…

Dieringer School District’s superintendent, Judy Martinson, may have overstepped her bounds and turned the CAIR letter from a “suggestive document” into official District policy — just by sending the guidelines to principals in the district, who then, in turn, distributed it to all teachers and staff.

Daniel Piedra, director of Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF), a religious advocacy group, had this to say in a statement: “By urging teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic, the

District is running roughshod over the First Amendment’s mandate of government neutrality toward religion.”

It’s refreshing to see equality coming from an organization that on the surface would seem to many to be left-leaning.

Piedra continued, “A school district would never order teachers to ‘welcome’ Catholic students during Easter with ‘He is risen, alleluia!’ Singling out Muslim students for special treatment is blatantly unconstitutional.”

Piedra and the FCDF have sent a legal letter to Superintendent Martinson, laying out why the school district should rescind its new Ramadan policy. If it doesn’t, it may face legal action from the FCDF.

Here are some of the choice elements from the memo…

Keeping CAIR Out of Schools

“To be clear, nothing in the Constitution prohibits public schools from accommodating students’ religious exercise to the extent it would not interfere with educational interests, but the religious liberty protected by the Constitution is abridged when the State affirmatively sponsors religious practice. Here, by issuing the CAIR Letter to District employees, you acted under color of state law to create an official policy that has a primary effect of advancing religion.”

They’re not wrong … that’s what this policy does — it advances the Muslim religion.

But there’s more…

The FCDF also reminds Martinson about CAIR’s anti-Semitic advocacy and its push for Muslim supremacy. “CAIR is notorious in public policy and national security circles for its ties to Islamic supremacism, including its founding by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. These facts are not anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. Federal prosecutors have acknowledged that Muslim

Brotherhood leaders founded CAIR and that it has conspired with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to support terrorists.”

The memo continues, “CAIR is also noted for its anti-Semitic activism, with various anti-Israel groups that seek to isolate and demonize the Jewish State.”

And, in the most scathing remarks of the memo — Piedra and FCDF accuse the pro-Muslim advocacy group of “yet another attempt by CAIR to infiltrate uninformed school districts so it can advance its subversive agenda. CAIR must not be allowed to indoctrinate impressionable schoolchildren under the guise of ‘diversity’ and ‘cultural awareness.’”

And in what may be the best line in the entire letter, Piedra doubles down on his statements, saying, “FCDF is committed to keeping CAIR out of our America’s public schools.”


We should have no problem with Muslims observing their religion’s practices…

This is America — and you can worship whatever god you so choose.

What we should have a problem with is CAIR trying to undermine our Constitution.

Separation of church and state — is ALL churches. Not just the Christian and Jewish variety.

Fair and equal treatment…

That’s all we ask!


“Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between church and State.” — Thomas Jefferson