The city of Seattle is being run by disgraceful Democratic Mayor Durkan and an equally liberal City Council. They have sat by as lawless violence has enveloped their city. They have allowed a hostile takeover of their city hall, an autonomous zone known as CHAZ/CHOP to be proclaimed, the abandonment of a police precinct, and the destruction of property and violent attacks against the police to occur.

All this while they literally sit there and watch the world burn. Oh, and yes, they are Democrats. Shocking, I know. Seattle is such a waste of a beautiful natural setting. The city has been made to look grotesque by the mob.

Instead of seeking to remedy the situation, city leaders are have already voted to defund the police and now are planning on ending prisons and abolishing municipal courts. You read that right; they are essentially destroying any remnants of the criminal justice system in Seattle.

The Blaze reported, “On the heels of the Seattle City Council’s vehement support for cutting the police department by 50%, the council’s next plan is to abolish prisons, municipal courts, and ultimately the entire criminal justice system, according to several documents leaked from the King County Executive’s Office in Seattle.

The documents, which read like a critical race theory paper or a far-Left diversity training pamphlet, detail a plan that has apparently been years in the making. They argue America’s criminal justice system is a ‘white supremacist institution’ that must be dismantled entirely.”

Of course, let’s just abolish the criminal justice system! What could possibly go wrong? I am sure this will appease the mob and they will put their pitchforks and Molotov cocktails down and go home. If you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Common sense dictates that removing law enforcement from the streets and the rule of law generally will enable criminals to commit more crimes, both petty and violent. In fact, that is exactly what is happening across the country as we speak.

Murder is up 21.8 percent in all 36 cities of the nation’s largest cities, according to Federal Crime Reporting data, and that data is a month old. No doubt those numbers have increased significantly in the past month. Murders and shootings were already on the rise for the year before the murder of George Floyd and those rates have accelerated at warp speed since.

I recently wrote a piece on the latest radical proposal from Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ayana Pressley to defund the police and abolish the prison system among many other radical positions.

I cited a Fox News report that said “Tlaib and Pressley’s bill would do the following: ‘Federal funds to local police and federal agencies would be slashed and diverted to pay for health care, education, environmental housing programs. It would eliminate federal programs and agencies used to finance Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)… In addition, it would offer a 50 percent match of savings for states to close down detention facilities and prisons.’”

It is imperative that those who revere the rule of law and support law enforcement get active and vote out lawless Democrats at all levels of government. We can’t afford to focus only on the shiny prize that is the presidency. We must also pay attention to those who are running for office in our cities and states. If we don’t, an unprecedented wave of crime is about to rock our shores and unleash hell in the streets.

In fact, hell has already enveloped our streets, and will only become more entrenched if we do not act to elect leaders who will protect our lives, liberty, and property. Otherwise, the country will become a macro version of the carnage taking place in Seattle.