This may be the strangest story you’ll hear this week, but it shows you just how far to the Left some elected Democrats are willing to go in order to appeal to their radicalized base.

When it comes to mayors, Seattle likes theirs woke. Current Mayor Jenny Durkan is pretty intersectional as it is… and of course, she’s a Democrat to boot.

She’s the first woman to hold the office in 100 years, and she’s also the second openly gay candidate as well.

Durkan is also a legacy, as her father, Martin Durkan, was a career politician, holding the offices of both State Representative and Senator through his 20-year career.

So, to say that Jenny Durkan knows her way around politics would be an understatement.

The one thing that should concern the citizens of her city is the fact that she’s a woke Liberal that is willing to let the demands of the Leftist mob trump the safety of all that live in her city.

She has constantly bent the knee to ANTIFA and BLM over her three years in office…

And ever since the George Floyd riots started back in May of this year, she’s bent over backward giving these people anything they want, either to keep the peace or because she absolutely agrees with their agenda.

More Like A “Summer of Horror”

When the Leftists created the CHAZ/CHOP Zone during the summer, Durkan described it as this generation’s “summer of love”—even though multiple lives were lost, numerous crimes committed, and millions of dollars in property damage occurred.

She let this “autonomous” zone continue for weeks, subjecting citizens who lived near and around the 6-block section of the city to suffer indignity and the businesses in the zone to suffer financially.

However, it’s her latest move that may not only have people scratching their heads in wonder but may also have them packing up and leaving Seattle in caravans.

What’d she do?

Well, in all her infinite wisdom, Durkan and the city of Seattle have just hired convicted former pimp Andre Taylor—otherwise known as Gorgeous Dre— as the city’s new “Street Czar” at a salary of $150,000 a year.

Before Gorgeous Dre was contracted by the city to provide “expertise and support services in de-escalation, community engagement, and alternatives to policing,” he was engaged in facilitating prostitution and he was involved with trafficking young girls.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Apparently, Pimping IS Easy

Not only was Taylor a pimp, but he was also an INFAMOUS pimp who was featured in the 1999 documentary “American Pimp,” which showcased the inner workings of pimp subculture.

In the documentary, he not only admitted to but also BRAGGED about impregnating the young girls he pimped.

And now, he will be the new “Street Czar” for Seattle—a title he came up with himself.

He took that from a page of Barack Obama’s playbook, as the former president had taken to appointing “czars” to take care of various areas of interest while he occupied the Oval Office.

About the title, Taylor says, “This should be a prominent position because it could help quell some of the incidents that are going on between community and cities.”

He claims that the role will benefit the city and its outreach efforts to the community…

However, it’s hard to see this working out in the way Durkan and her cohorts picture it.

However, that being said, Gorgeous Dre is VERY charismatic and speaks as if he were the Malcolm X of the pimp game—which may very well be how he convinced Durkan and Seattle to give him and his organization, “NotThisTime,” $150K a year.

If you know anything about pimps, then you know they’re all about the hustle and how fast they can separate idiots from their money.

They say a pimp never leaves the game, he simply finds a new hustle—and it looks like Seattle is willing to let Gorgeous Dre play.

Welcome to 21st Century Leftism…

Welcome to the Thunderdome.


“Pimping is an art, Whoreson. There are very few pimps in this world who can really take the title of being a pimp. Just because a man gets his money from a whore, that don’t make him no true pimp. Real pimps are really rare.” ― Donald Goines