We are truly living in the Twilight Zone in 2020. What once seemed impossible is now not only possible but actually happening in real life. Statues dedicated to heroic American figures such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant have been toppled. Riots have engulfed major cities, and there is a movement to defund and even abolish the police.

Seattle’s City Council just voted to defund their local police. Yes, the same city that abandoned a police precinct and allowed a six-block section of their town to be occupied by militant protesters is now defunding their police force. On a logic scale from 1-10, that decision registers at about a -6.

With the violence engulfing the city, this is the time where the police should have their funding increased and more cops should be hired, not less.

The New York Times reported the following:

“Amid the national movement to change policing in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, protesters in Seattle have called repeatedly for the city to cut the police budget by 50 percent. On Monday, council members moved in that direction with a budget plan to eliminate about 100 officers from the force. The plan included discussions of deeper cuts that could approach the 50 percent threshold next year, one of the most ambitious plans for police restructuring in the country…

The proposed cuts now under discussion would include transferring the 911 call center and parking enforcement from the Police Department’s control. The city is also exploring the creation of a public-safety department that could take on some other tasks currently handled by the police.

The budget cuts approved on Monday included eliminating the mounted patrol unit and school resource officers, along with cuts to the department’s SWAT team. The council had proposed a steep cut to Chief Best’s salary, but backtracked on that plan Monday.

Not surprisingly, some cops are leaving the force in protest. Seattle’s Police Chief, Carmen Best is resigning due to the cuts in funding and staffing. Brandi Kruse tweeted, ‘Chief Best has been vocal in her opposition to those cuts, and told me in an interview today that she felt targeted by a ‘punitive’ proposal to cut her pay by 40%: ‘I do feel like it’s … animus toward me specifically,’ Kruse continued.’ Chief Carmen Best is the first black woman to lead the @SeattlePD. She is well respected by the rank and file, as well as community leaders. Seattle’s political and activist class will have to own this.”

The city council is also planning on ending prisons and abolishing municipal courts. You read that right; they are essentially destroying any remnants of the criminal justice system in Seattle.

Last month, The Blaze reported, “On the heels of the Seattle City Council’s vehement support for cutting the police department by 50%, the council’s next plan is to abolish prisons, municipal courts, and ultimately the entire criminal justice system, according to several documents leaked from the King County Executive’s Office in Seattle.”

What is happening in Seattle has already happened in 19 other cities. Those cities have all defunded the police. Expect the crime wave to continue indefinitely.