Seattle, Washington, has long been considered one of the country’s most Liberal cities—so the world is SHOCKED to learn that the city just elected a Republican!

For many Generation X-ers, Seattle isn’t known for being ground zero of the Liberal movement. Instead, it’s the home of some of our generation’s favorite and best bands.

Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and a whole host of others changed the musical landscape forever, and all have roots in the Pacific Northwestern city.

However, over the years, as many of us grew out of the Liberal indoctrination, we noticed that Seattle was more than just the birthplace of grunge. It was a haven of Liberalism evolved to the extreme.

The three most Liberal cities in America sit on the West Coast. You can draw a line from Seattle to Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. All three of these once beautiful and picturesque cities have become what Donald Trump would consider “s**tholes”.

Rioting, rampant drug use, homelessness…these cities are being overrun with the Liberal ideals that have left their cities havens for crime.

In fact, things got so bad in San Francisco they elected a District Attorney who decriminalized homelessness in order to cut back on crime rates.

Violent crime is still soaring in these cities…but at least Seattle looks like it’s ready to make a change.

Republican Elected In Seattle?

Keeping that in mind, voters in the city had a choice for a new head prosecutor: Republican Ann Davison or Democrat Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, a would-be police abolisher.

Incredibly, Seattle chose Davison.

The two candidates were running for the office of city attorney, mostly tasked with prosecuting misdemeanor offenses.

After both candidates beat the incumbent attorney during the nonpartisan primary election, each one took a different approach to running their campaigns.

Thomas-Kennedy ran on a failing Leftist sentiment of “abolishing the police,” a movement that is dying on the vine since most cities are now voting to keep their police departments intact.

Davison tried to find the perfect mixture of reform and safety.

Writing on her website, Davison said, “Our city must reconcile that it is failing to meet the needs of the most vulnerable as well as the basic functions of protecting public health and safety.”

For example, Davison says she will “continue bail reform progress”—something that cities like New York have taken to the extreme level—but she also plans to “monitor high-frequency people at the highest level of the office for when alternatives do not provide responsiveness.”

But here’s the rub…

Davison, a former Democrat (she says in a YouTube video that she “walked away” from the party) lost when she ran as a Democrat in 2019. She switched parties in 2020 and has found some success since then.

The question must be asked: is she REALLY a Republican? Or is she simply just posing as one to win the moderate vote?

Did Seattle Elect A Republican… Or A Democrat In Disguise?

In the race for city attorney, Davison was endorsed by TWO former Democrat governors and admits that she, herself, isn’t 100% on the GOP train. “I am not a partisan. I’m an independent thinker and a Seattle mom, not an activist ideologue,” she said. “This approach is vitally important to implement our laws and to enhance public health and safety in Seattle.”

Can we trust her?

Well, here’s what her website says: “As a moderate Democrat, I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, I caucused for Hillary Clinton in the 46th Legislative District and then voted for her in the presidential election. Last year, I voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump.”

How can you say you’re a Republican and then say you voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump?

That means one of two things: either you’re really just a RINO, or you’re trying to take advantage of your TRUE party’s moderate vote by shying away from extremism.

It’s well known that, in some instances, “moderate Democrats” will run as Republicans in heavily Democratic jurisdictions.

So, can we trust Davison?

Has she truly seen the error of the Democrats’ ways? Or is she simply being a savvy politician?

Well, only time will tell…

But I would advise Seattle Conservatives not to let their guard down with her. She needs to prove that she has our values and FREEDOM in mind before we give her our full support.

Good luck, Seattle…

You’re going to need it.


“It’s only natural for unbridled partisanship, unrestrained by allegiance to a greater cause, to lead to chaos.” – George Washington