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I could sit here and tell you about my past – about my collegiate football career or my OTHER career as a professional wrestler – but none of that matters anymore.

I may still enjoy competition, but that’s not what drives me…

At least, not anymore.

The truth is, over the past decade, I’ve had a fire lit inside of my soul…

My patriotic spirit was awakened from the deep sleep that a lifetime of public education and the mainstream media tries to keep us nestled in.

Much like Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix,” I chose to take the red pill. Ever since my eyes were opened to the REAL world, I’ve realized just how much our liberties are under attack, seemingly on a daily basis, and even more…

How important it is for us to defend those liberties.

I see my work here at FreedomWire as less of a job and more of a duty that I owe to those TRUE patriots that have sacrificed so much more than I ever have to help awaken the same patriotic spirit that drives me to do what I do.

In a time when conservative voices are being silenced at an alarming rate, I feel what we do here at FreedomWire is VITALY important to our country…

We are NOT going to allow the fire of democracy to go out on our watch.

Not today, Satan…

They say freedom isn’t free – and they’re right. It comes at a cost…

But what most don’t realize that there is rent due on that freedom every day – and I will do my part to make sure liberty has a place to live.


Sean Roberson

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