Whether schools like it or not, the president is making sure they open their doors this fall. Despite objections from teachers and politicians that are staunchly against the idea, the plan is set to go into effect for the upcoming semester. The unpopular fact of the matter is that children are extremely unlikely to contract the coronavirus and even less likely to transmit it, therefore teachers are also at very low risk by being around them. Some have even argued that you’re far safer by being around kids at school than you are by going to the grocery store.

If that’s the case, there’s no reason to stunt our children’s education by keeping them out of school if there’s virtually no threat to their health or the adults who work with them.

On Thursday, President Trump held a press conference where he spoke regarding his administration’s efforts to reopen schools as the first step in returning life back to normal. Trump announced he is “asking Congress to provide $105 billion dollars to schools as part of the next coronavirus relief bill,” he explained, “this funding will support mitigation measures such as smaller class sizes, more teachers, and teacher aides,” in addition to accommodating coronavirus safety standards.

The president also made it clear that some schools may need to delay reopening, by no fault of their own, based on how bad coronavirus spikes are in different areas.

Here’s the important part: Trump said that if schools do not reopen, the money will go to the parents instead to use for any school of their choice. That means that, if a public school does not open, parents will be essentially given a grant to use toward homeschooling or enrolling their child in the charter school or private school of their choice (“keyword: choice,” Trump said).

If you’ll remember, throughout the pandemic, the Left has demonized homeschooling. They painted it as the worst thing parents could ever do for their kids, amid reports that many parents may keep their kids homeschooled even after the pandemic because they liked it so much. The powerful and wealthy school unions’ worst nightmare would be for parents to pull their kids out of public schools. So, Trump’s latest incentive is likely going to force them to reopen if they want to keep students.

In the conference, Trump also emphasized reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics who urgently warns against school closures. The academy maintains that lockdowns are far more harmful to kids than the actual virus is. The president cited a statement from them that says that if kids are not in school, teachers cannot help those who have learning deficits, and much worse – they can’t help those who are abused or have other serious problems.

Of course, this went largely unreported by the mainstream media.

The media wants to fearmonger Americans into staying home and being afraid to resume life as normal. It would be a shame if Americans felt safe sending their kids back to school, so they could return to work, thus ending the shutdowns. That would ruin the Left’s attempts at prolonging this virus for as long as possible –particularly until after the elections. If we want to truly be a people who “listens to science” (as it’s so popular to say now), then we should resume life for kids – who are least at risk, and also the most vulnerable to the negative consequences of a shutdown.