House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has pushed the Trump-Russia hoax on Americans for years, claiming possession of secret evidence proving that President Trump and his inner circle worked with Russia to influence the 2016 US presidential election. When asked for the “evidence,” Schiff repeatedly claimed it was “confidential” and thus could not release it.  When the Mueller Report revealed that Schiff was, in fact, full of Schiff, he then tried to bury transcripts of sworn testimony which were taken before he started his round-the-clock televised campaign of lies.

Two months ago, the Trump Administration forced Schiff to release the transcripts. They proved that Schiff knew from day one that there was not a shred of evidence supporting his years of lies to the American people. Predictably, much of the mainstream media failed to report what the transcripts said, what Schiff knew, and when he knew it. The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board was one of the exceptions, stating on May 12, 2020, “As for Adam Schiff, no one should ever believe another word he says.”

Many knew Schiff was lying from the start of his attempted coup against the President. One of these people is Los Angeles businessman and attorney Eric Early, who is challenging Schiff for his congressional seat in California’s 28th District.  Early recently spoke to FreedomWire about his campaign to defeat Schiff in November. He would be doing us all a favor if he sends “Shifty” Schiff back to California for good.

“Schiff has Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids. There is nothing he won’t do to try to destroy our President. He believes he is morally superior to us, and hates the 63 million of us who voted for the President as much as he hates the President,” Early said in a statement to FreedomWire. “Schiff is a liar, a leaker, and quite frankly, appears to be demented. He should be run out of Congress on a rail.”

In a video titled “Schiff Lied, Americans Died,” posted to his growing base of supporters, Early discusses how Schiff knew about the gathering menace of COVID-19 by January 2020 at the latest, and yet took the nation on a wall-to-wall impeachment media circus, while saying nothing about the growing COVID threat. By the time the Senate acquitted the President, the COVID nightmare was engulfing the country.

“Americans have become outraged by Schiff’s abhorrent lies and efforts to stage a coup of a duly elected President,” Early noted.

Separately, after a federal appeals court ordered a judge to drop charges against former national security advisor Michael Flynn, Early took to Twitter to thrash Schiff for his “demented” support of the lowlifes in the American government who worked overtime to destroy an innocent man to force him to state falsehoods about the President and Russia.

Early’s tweet stated, “My opponent Schiff knew for years General Flynn was entrapped to provide nonexistent dirt on @realDonaldTrump, that Flynn DID NOT lie, and only pled to avoid total personal, family and financial ruin from out-of-control prosecutors,” Early stated, “The repellant Schiff now trashes AG Barr for doing the right thing by Flynn and America. I’m a 27-year attorney running a national firm. Experienced attorneys know Schiff is a joke. He can’t carry Barr’s socks.”

Early decided to run after seeing the rise of the socialist/communist far Left in the Democratic party, and witnessing not only what Schiff was doing at a national level, but personally living through what he describes as “Schiff’s total abandonment” of California’s 28th congressional district. Early noted that because of COVID-19, thousands of constituents are out of work, and many of those who spent their lives building small businesses have been forced to close their doors for good.

“This district has struggled in a way never seen before, through its rampant homelessness epidemic, sky-high regulations and taxes, rising crime and crumbling infrastructure,” Early told FreedomWire, “and instead of doing anything to mitigate the district’s problems, Schiff has let his personal obsession with trying to take down President Trump become the only thing he cares about. Add to that, Schiff’s co-sponsorship of a national version of the job killer known as Assembly Bill AB-5 which would outlaw Independent Contractors, Gig Workers, and Freelancers nationwide, and Schiff could care not care less about the struggles of so many in the district.”

Early says he will do whatever he can from DC to help repeal AB-5 and work to make sure the national version never sees the light of day. “Our district needs a Congressman again who cares about the people of the district, and not someone like Schiff who has been mailing it in for years, while holding his congressional seat as a placeholder for higher office.” Early added. “Schiff jets in and out of our district every two years as election day approaches, to act like he cares and garner votes for reelection.”

“In my 27 years as an attorney, I have worked with, solved problems for, represented and opposed in lawsuits, groups like all of the stakeholders in our district – from lenders and bankers to employees and independent contractors, developers to homeowners, title insurers to property buyers and sellers, businesses big and small to employees groups, realtors to victims of fraud who have had their homes stolen out from under them, and more,” Early concluded. “I am the only candidate in this race with the experience, desire, and skills to roll up my sleeves from day one and work with all of our district’s stakeholders to help rebuild the district from the turmoil caused by the pandemic.”

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