Remember that viral story out of Texas last year, dubbed “Save James,” where a little boy’s mother decided to begin transitioning him into a girl against his and his father’s wishes, seemingly just because she felt like it? We have a very important update on the boy’s fate in this tragic case.

On Tuesday, Dallas Judge Mary Brown issued an order giving James Ryan’s mother, Anne Georgulas, sole autonomy over his medical, psychological, and psychiatric care decisions, excluding his father.

The court is granting full power to Georgulas, who wants to transition 8-year old James, who she calls Luna, into a girl. This is happening despite objections from Jeffery Younger, James’ father, who says James shows no signs whatsoever of wanting to be anything but a boy.

Most disturbingly, Georgulas will be allowed to enroll James in school as this girl named Luna, and subject him to gender-reassigning medical procedures. Brown’s decision also forces Younger to pay for the gender transitioning counseling his ex-wife is forcing their son to go through, which the “Save James” Facebook page estimates will cost $5000 per month.

The order given without due process serves to overturn a 2019 court ruling by Judge Kim Cooks, which granted both Georgulas and Younger equal custody over James and his twin brother Jude, as well as family counseling, and a court-appointed parenting coordinator, according to LifeSite News.

Cooks’ decision last year aired on Younger’s side as it seemed that Georgulas was pushing her son into wanting to be a girl by taking him to LGBT parades, making him wear dresses, and buying him fake hair.

According to the “Save James” Facebook page that advocates for James’ rights on the father’s behalf, a special evidentiary hearing is scheduled for an unannounced date in September.

“We don’t know what date or what time. There is the sneaking suspicion that this hearing will be used to solidify Anne’s dominance over Jeff. We are fighting for the well-being of two young boys and their lives are treated as secondary,” the page wrote in a post on Facebook.

ATTENTION!!!James and Jude did NOT have a victory in court today. Judge Mary Brown has condemned James and Jude to a…

Posted by Save James on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Judge Brown is mandating that an 8-year old boy’s father, who opposes the notion that his son wants to be a girl, pay for his gender transitioning, even as he has no say in the matter. This ruling defies due process, violates the boy’s constitutional and human rights, and promotes child abuse.

This is absolute insanity, to say the least.

If we do not allow children to watch rated R movies, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or anything else that is considered an “adult” decision because it can be harmful to kids under the age of 18, why is it suddenly acceptable to literally transition them into the opposite sex?

If adults can decide what gender they want their child to be, what’s to say that they can’t also decide what else happens to a child’s body? This opens up a whole can of worms that we don’t want to get into, but I’ll give you a hint: pedophilia.

To call this extreme Leftism would be an understatement. While this might be a back-and-forth case in the courts over “medical decisions,” it is an open and shut case of child abuse. As conservatives, it is our responsibility to speak up against the normalization of “gender identity” and “trans” culture. While it is certainly fine for any adult to transition themselves in their own private life if that’s what they decide, it is not fine to make it seem like this is a “normal” thing to do, or push this on children who don’t have a choice – under any circumstance.