Cancel culture…

It may be the most disgusting part of Western Civilization at the moment. The world can’t have a positive feeling about anything anymore without somebody popping up and trying to find something wrong with it.

For example, a recent viral TikTok video of a tattooed man skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while drinking cranberry juice from a bottle took the world by storm. People love it, the man in the video (username Dogface208) has become an overnight celebrity, and other people—including Mick Fleetwood himself—have made their own versions.

However, it wasn’t long before the internet was hard at work looking for a reason to cancel Dogface208. Eventually, someone found a video of this homeless Hispanic man rapping along to a song that happened to have the “n-word” in it.

Luckily, the internet toxicity didn’t take on Dogface208 and he’s still out there, skateboarding and vibing like 2020 isn’t the worst year on record.

However, the fact that the cancel culture has become so prevalent in our society has got me thinking…

Maybe I’m oppressed too.

Maybe I need to find something to be outraged about. After all, it’s the new norm here in the 21st Century.

But what can I, a white, cis-gendered, middle-aged conservative male have to be outraged about?

Can it be the way I’m labeled simply for being a white, cis-gendered, middle-aged, conservative male with all kinds of words such as “colonizer,” “racist,” “bigot,” or “misogynist”?

It’s Not That Hard To Be Outraged


Nobody would listen.

Plus, it’s hard to be outraged at an idea.

I need a target. I need something to take my outrage out on – I need a symbol of oppression (one that may or may not affect me as an American).

But then it hit me…


McDonald’s has been one of the biggest oppressors for DECADES and nobody has had the guts to stand up to the hamburger giant in fear of getting crushed by the corporate juggernaut…

But that ends today.

A few years ago, I had my DNA tested by one of the companies that offers the service.

In the process, I found out that I am 12% Irish/Scottish descent (I’m a mutt of other things, but it doesn’t matter what those other things are. We need to focus on my Irish/Scottish ancestry).

The Irish had it bad in the United States when they came here during the late 1800s during the Great Potato Famine that plagued my ancestral home…

They were times they weren’t allowed to have jobs—and, in fact, were sometimes seen as LOWER than the recently-freed slaves of America.

Signs advertising job listings often included a disclaimer that “No Irish Need Apply”, so to say the Irish immigrants had a tough time isn’t just a sentiment, it’s a statement of verifiable fact.

So, with that historical suffering comprising a full 12% of my genetic makeup, I’ve just realized how offended I am that the fast-food giant McDonald’s is allowed to call their food items by a derogatory term for Irish immigrants – Mc (mick).

Time To Take The Clown DOWN!!

There’s the McMuffin, the McDouble, McNuggets, the McChicken…

They even have the McCafe. There are so many racist food items on the McDonald’s menu that I can’t even list them all.

And I’m OUTRAGED by this!!

I think we, collectively, should start a campaign to get McDonald’s canceled until they right the wrongs of the past and apologize to the Celtic people for their lack of understanding and social awareness for the hardships the Irish and Scottish people were forced to endure when they came to America!!

We need to boycott McDonald’s until they change every “Mc” food item’s name, and we may even need to bring a class-action lawsuit against these oppressors.

Who’s with me?!

Let’s take down McDonald’s!!

Let’s play the cancel culture game!

Let’s OUTRAGE like there is no tomorrow!!!

Let’s get TRIGGERED!!!


“Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.” – Molly Ivins