Last night, CNN hosted a seven-hour town hall on climate change.

Now, I had a hard enough time sitting through two hours of the last Democratic debate, so I wasn’t about to put myself through the torture of watching seven straight hours of liberal propaganda.

(Thankfully, there were transcripts and outside reporting that I could draw from for this article.)

Personally, I think Trump should order the guards at Guantanamo Bay to play the seven-hour town hall on a loop to punish the terrorist prisoners there.

Some CRAZY Ideas

Throughout the night, the Democratic presidential candidates tried to out-crazy each other with one leftist policy proposal after another.

Senator Kamala Harris said she would order that all plastic straws be banned in the United States. Many of the candidates expressed support for an offshore drilling ban, ending of all fracking, and ideas on how to prevent people from eating meat (No, I’m not kidding)

All the candidates want to phase out fossil fuels, even though they provide 65% of our energy and 80% during the winter months. Basically, they are ok with people freezing to death to save the planet.

That might sound like hyperbole—and it is—but I am just using the zero-sum logic that the Left likes to employ.

Fracking and natural gas have made America energy-independent and a net exporter of energy, something that seemed impossible fifteen years ago, but the Democrats want to undo this industrial miracle.

Some of the candidates, like Elizabeth Warren, support a carbon tax and want to eliminate nuclear energy completely.

If Warren and her fellow candidates want to get to zero carbon emissions, then they should support building MORE nuclear power plants, not destroying the ones we already have. Nuclear power releases no carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

But all of the above policy proposals weren’t the craziest of the night.

No, that was honor was reserved for Bernie Sanders.

Abortions To Combat Climate Change

During Sanders’ portion of the town hall, a member of the audience asked him if he would support ways of controlling population growth, including increasing abortions.

He answered in the affirmative.

This is nothing short of environmental eugenics, reminiscent of Nazi scientists and should disqualify him from running for the Democrat nomination. But we all know it won’t. This is the Democratic Party we are talking about.

The Daily Caller highlighted the exchange:

“The audience member added that the ‘the planet cannot sustain growth’ and ‘empowering women and educating everyone’ on curbing population seems ‘reasonable.’ Sanders said he supports women being able to ‘control their own bodies’ and have abortions when answering the climate change question.

‘The answer is yes and the answer has everything to do with the fact that women, in the United States of America, by the way, have a right to control their own bodies and make reproductive decisions.’”

That’s a new low, even for Sanders.

The fear of overpopulation has been around for centuries, most notably by English Political Scientist Thomas Malthus. Malthus predicted that, at some point, the human population would become so high that the planet’s resources would be devoured and our whole species would be put at risk.

However, he has been proven wrong.

It turns out that the laws of economics have encouraged advances in production that have sustained life on Earth, even while the population increased dramatically.

Bernie calling for abortion isn’t just immoral, but it also wouldn’t work.

The doomsday scenarios may be overblown as well.

According to environmentalist Dr.Bjorn Lomborg, since the 1920s, atmospheric CO2 concentrations increased by about 30% to more than 400 ppm, and global average temps increased by 1 degree Celsius. Yet during this time, climate-related deaths have declined by 99%!


Because people in the wealthier nations are more immune to climate-related deaths than people in poorer nations, and the 20th Century saw an unprecedented increase in economic growth, with billions being lifted out of extreme poverty because of the opening of markets.

We need more economic growth to help the economy, not less.

Bernie Sander’s agreeing that abortion is necessary to save the climate is morally reprehensible.