Imagine you have a nice little home in a nice little neighborhood in one of the most picturesque cities in America…

Living in this city is NOT cheap, but it’s worth it to be in the heart of it all – so paying a little more for some prime real estate makes sense.

You have a lovely little home. You’ve painstakingly picked out every knickknack and piece art to make it the perfect mix of modern bohemianism.

Now, imagine, every morning you go out to get your newspaper…

You open the door to sunshine, crisp air, and the aroma of human feces wafting up into your face as you step down from you stoop right into a steaming pile of a homeless person’s poo.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!



Well, how about this…

What if you lived in that same neighborhood and that same city that has such a massive public defecation problem, except you were forced to pay an extra tax to help clean up the crap in the streets?

Would that make you happy?


Nancy Wants Them To Pay More For Poo Free Streets

Well, that is EXACTLY what’s happening in Nancy Pelosi’s city. The residents of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district are having to deal with so much poo that the citizens agreed to pay EXTRA taxes in order to pay for the constant clean up needed to keep their streets poop-free.

This isn’t a joke…

This is ABSOLUTELY what’s going on and it’s a terrible sight to see in 21st Century America.

Can you imagine…

Paying your city EXTRA taxes to clean up something as horrific as human s**t?!

Citizens of the Tenderloin district will now spend even MORE money on steam cleaning and pressure washing every block in that neighborhood following complaints of human and animal feces.

But let’s be honest…

There’s probably not a lot of “animal” feces – unless you’re talking about the “human animal.”

City officials hope the steam cleaners will begin to change people’s perception of the poo-covered neighborhood – which hosts much of San Fran’s large homeless population.

Simon Bertrang, executive director of the Tenderloin Community Benefit District said, “They all deserve clean sidewalks, beautiful sidewalks, safe sidewalks, inviting sidewalks. People see a lot of feces here, which, the responsible party has left behind for others to pick up and clean.”

The responsible party?

That’s a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it?

If they were responsible, they wouldn’t be pooping in the streets.

District Supervisor, Matt Haney, said, “As a representative of this area and I want to do what people expect of me, poop is one of the things we gotta deal with.”

So, instead of steam-cleaning once a month…

Crews will be out once a week disinfecting all the “Code Browns” they come across. (btw, that’s what they call the turds they find in the street… “Code Brown”)

Why Is This Happening In San Francisco?

What is it about San Francisco that makes people believe they can just drop trou and poop wherever they see fit?

It comes down to the liberal policies of Democrats that have had San Francisco under their thumb for DECADES.

Look at what happens to cities and states that continually elect Dems: they go from prosperity to desperation in about 20 years.

And whose district is San Francisco?

None other than Nancy Pelosi herself—who’s more interested in a running her coup d’état in Congress than cleaning up the city she represents.

The fact that this is her city is fitting – as it seems everything she touches turns to s**t…

Like any city that votes blue on a regular basis.

San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago – all shining examples of what happens when you allow Dems to gain and HOLD power.

But the people of the city are under their spell…

They think their bleeding-heart policies are what makes them better than others.

It doesn’t…

It puts their city behind the 8-ball.

“Vote blue, get covered in poo.” That may make you chuckle…

But it’s a sad state of affairs that we have this problem in modern-day America.

For SHAME, San Francisco…

For shame.


“The power to tax is the power to destroy.”― John Marshall