Despite having some of the lowest coronavirus case counts throughout the duration of the pandemic, California Governor Gavin Newsom has nevertheless tyrannically shut down his state three times since March.

The latest “Regional Stay at Home Order” came on December 3rd following what the governor claims are record-high death tolls and infection rates from the virus.

Essentially destroying California’s small business-based economy, Newsom swears he is simply enacting rules based on what the “science” he looks at shows.

Thankfully, one San Diego judge had enough courage and common sense to disagree. As a result, he unapologetically struck down Newsom’s latest forced restaurant closures on Wednesday night

Dictator Newsom’s orders were overturned by San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel Wohlfeil, who ruled that restaurants–as well as strip clubs–in San Diego County may remain open.

Surprisingly, we can actually thank the strip clubs for this ruling, as it was brought on by two adult establishments who filed a lawsuit against the restrictions, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Wohlfeil’s ruling essentially restricts officials from enforcing Newsom’s shut down orders on indoor and outdoor dining effective immediately.

According to the San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, the judge said he could not find a correlation between the spread of COVID-19, and restaurants, strip clubs, and many other businesses.

“BREAKING: A judge just ruled that he could not find a connection between restaurant services and the spread of COVID. He has directed the county to allow businesses with restaurant services to operate their business safely and responsibly,” Desmond tweeted in celebration.

Desmond also said Judge Wohlfeil “did not find a proven connection between the spread of COVID and ‘a wide array of business and other activities including gyms, fitness center, yoga studios, bars, restaurants, spas, fraternities and sororities, religious entities and entertainment centers.’”

However, the judge’s ruling only applies to restaurant services, for now at least.

This statement tells us what we thought all along which is that gathering in groups does not necessarily cause wildfire-like spread of the virus.

Therefore, lockdown orders make no sense except to those who want to usurp power from the people.

Nevertheless, this is a huge win for San Diego County which has long fought alongside its neighbor Orange County to remain open for business.