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I have been interested in politics from a young age. As a child, I was always an “old soul,” and I could name all the Presidents by the time I was in first grade. I became a conservative in elementary school upon learning about the American Founding. Defending our constitutional rights has been a lifetime passion of mine.

When I read to work Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman, I became fascinated by Economics and decided to study the subject in college. I earned an Economics Degree from Grand Valley State University, specializing in Monetary Theory.

Like many Americans, I became frustrated with Washington D.C.’s inability to change their ways. In response, I joined the Convention of States Project, where I became a National Coordinator for the COS Youth Coalition. I am proud of the work I did there, and I continue to support the project to this day.

I am a proud Michigander from Grand Rapids. I am an avid golfer, reader, sports fanatic (Go Red Wings!), and classic rock devotee.

I love my job and am honored to write articles for you, my fellow patriots.

In liberty,

Ryan James

Ryan James's Articles

Biden Executive Order Allows Trans Women to Compete in Women's Sports Biden’s Bizarre Executive Order Mandates That Transgender Men Be Allowed To Compete In Women’s Sports January 25, 2021 - President Biden has made transgender athletes in sports a priority of his administration, putting biological women at a disadvantage
Biden Administration Silent About Post-Inauguration ANTIFA Violence So Much For “Unity”: Biden Silent On ANTIFA Violence In Seattle And Portland January 25, 2021 - President Biden has been notably silent on the latest round of ANTIFA violence that has continued since Inauguration Day in America's most liberal cities
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Amazon Suddenly Agrees to Help with Vaccine Distribution Now That Trump Is Gone, Amazon Is Miraculously Willing To Help Distribute Vaccine January 21, 2021 - It is almost like Amazon didn’t want to help the Trump administration with the distribution, but now they’re willing to let Joe Biden appear like a miracle worker
Biden to Sign 17 Executive Orders in First Days as President Biden Undoes Many Of Trump’s Successes On Day One January 21, 2021 - Within hours of being sworn in as president, Joe Biden went to work to erase much of Trump’s legacy with a round of executive orders
Review of Trump's Presidency, Part 3: Trump's Legacy End Of The Trump Presidency, Part 3: Trump’s Legacy January 21, 2021 - Now that the Trump presidency has ended, it is time to start assessing his legacy. How will history remember our 45th President?
Joe Biden Promises Unity in Inauguration Address Joe Biden Calls For Unity In Inauguration Address, Ignoring Democrats’ Hateful Rhetoric January 20, 2021 - During his inauguration speech, Biden spoke of unity and the need to lower the temperature of civil discourse in the country...but will he make that happen?
Former President Donald Trump Isn't Going Anywhere Don’t Fret, Trump Supporters… Donald Trump Isn’t Going Away January 20, 2021 - As he departed DC for the final time, Former President Donald Trump promised that “We will be back in some form.” What does he have in store?