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I have been interested in politics from a young age. As a child, I was always an “old soul,” and I could name all the Presidents by the time I was in first grade. I became a conservative in elementary school upon learning about the American Founding. Defending our constitutional rights has been a lifetime passion of mine.

When I read to work Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman, I became fascinated by Economics and decided to study the subject in college. I earned an Economics Degree from Grand Valley State University, specializing in Monetary Theory.

Like many Americans, I became frustrated with Washington D.C.’s inability to change their ways. In response, I joined the Convention of States Project, where I became a National Coordinator for the COS Youth Coalition. I am proud of the work I did there, and I continue to support the project to this day.

I am a proud Michigander from Grand Rapids. I am an avid golfer, reader, sports fanatic (Go Red Wings!), and classic rock devotee.

I love my job and am honored to write articles for you, my fellow patriots.

In liberty,

Ryan James

Ryan James's Articles

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New Data: “Bidenflation” Continues To Rise November 2, 2021 - American consumers continue to see prices rise on goods and services, which hurts their pocketbooks—and that hurts Joe Biden’s approval rating.
Trump Predicts Youngkin Victory in Virginia Trump Predicts Victory For Youngkin In Virginia Gubernatorial Election November 1, 2021 - Former President Trump has predicted that Glenn Youngkin will be elected the next governor of Virginia—but only if his base shows up to Virginia polls on election day
Republican States Fight Back Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Republican States Fight Back Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate November 1, 2021 - Three groups of GOP states--19 in total--have filed separate lawsuits to fight Biden's "illegal, unconstitutional" vaccine mandate for federal contractors
Weekly News Roundup: Cruella De-Fauci Tortures Puppies And Democrats Torture Each Other October 29, 2021 - This week former, Obama lectured us on culture wars, we learned how much Dr. Fauci hates puppies, and Democrats couldn’t pass Joe Biden’s signature legislation.
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Biden Administration to Offer Reparations to Illegal Immigrants Incarcerated Under Trump A New Low: Biden Administration Considering REPARATIONS For Illegal Immigrants October 29, 2021 - The Biden DOJ, HHS, and DHS all are considering providing payments to illegal immigrants who crossed the border during the Trump administration.
Dysfunctional Democrats Unclear about Budget Deal Being Reached Deal Or No Deal? Dysfunctional Democrats Can’t Reach Agreement On Biden’s Build Back Better Bills October 28, 2021 - No deal has been reached between far-Left Democrats and party moderates on the Build Back Better package, but Biden is already claiming a victory
Glenn Youngkin Poised to Upset Terry McAuliffe in Virgina Glenn Youngkin In Prime Position To Upset Terry Mcauliffe In Virginia Gubernatorial Election October 28, 2021 - McAuliffe has helped Youngkin climb back in the polls thanks to his belief that the government, not the parents, know what’s best for America’s children