On Wednesday, the nation heard the sad news of the death of Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh passed away after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. He was 70 years old.

Limbaugh’s wife announced his death at the beginning of the Rush Limbaugh Show on Wednesday, a fitting place to learn of his passing given his 32-year reign as the king of talk radio.

It is hard for those of us who weren’t around when Limbaugh’s program first went syndicated nationally in 1988 to fully grasp what a phenomenon and conservative trailblazer Rush was.

The fairness doctrine ensured that equal weight had to be given to both sides of the aisle on radio, but that doctrine nearly killed talk radio. For many years, it was a dying medium.

When the fairness doctrine was lifted, Rush swooped in and changed talk radio and the conservative movement forever.

Until that time, the liberal establishment media had owned every medium of news communication. Rush beat them at their own game and they have despised him ever since.

The early reaction to Rush’s death from Left-wing sites such as Huffington Post and on social media has been disgusting, but that is a discussion for another piece.

Today, we honor the man who took conservatism mainstream. If it wasn’t for Rush, it is likely that sites like FreedomWire wouldn’t exist. The Left has already tried to censor conservatives out of existence, they would have been able to do it much earlier if it weren’t for trailblazers like Rush Limbaugh.

His ability to break down conservative principles and to communicate them to an audience of nearly 40 million every week was groundbreaking. Rush was so successful at persuading his listeners that the House GOP named him an honorary member of the Republican caucus in 1995 after Speaker Newt Gingrich and the Republicans pushed their “Contract with America” that helped propel them to a historic majority in the House.

Rush was an early supporter of President Trump, dating back to 2015 when he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president. Trump never forgot his support and awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the 2020 State of the Union Address.

Aside from his conservatism, Rush was simply the best at his job. He was America’s anchorman and his ability as a radio broadcaster is unmatched. He talked about serious issues, but he did it in an entertaining way. Even radio personalities who disagreed with his politics like Howard Stern admire Rush’s skills as a broadcaster.

His iconic voice amplified by his golden EIB microphone became a fixture in millions of conservatives’ daily routines.

Whether it be at their place of work, driving around town in their car, or listening back to the program on a podcast, Limbaugh was always there.

That is why it sad that he is no longer with us. On a personal note, I have listened to Rush since I was a kid. I was one of those rare old souls who was a conservative from a young age. I used to listen to him on my way home from school and loved when I had days off from school because I could listen to his entire program from 12:00-3:00.

Although he is gone, his contribution to conservatism won’t be forgotten. He was the best to ever sit behind a microphone. His ability to address an audience of millions every day for three hours a day and fifteen hours a week over thirty- two years will never be replicated.

He did it all by himself—just him and a microphone. The bond between Rush and his audience was special.

God Bless, El Rushbo, the Greatest of All Time. He will be missed.